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7 Replies to “รักประกาศิต Rak Prakasit Ep.14 End [9_9]”

  1. Uuu porliang… Why she chooses porliang.. I like pope narisara boyfriend. ..i hate porliang…. See porliang more care his sisters..

  2. This aktres so pretty n charming. Any drama she act she always style n pretty .but why last episod narrisara choose puchittt..i like if last episod narrisara n pope togerther n go study n become lover. N puchittt n jao noi they married n happy ..emmm boring this drama .this drama really good storyline. But i dont like the aktor puchittt. If this drama the hero is ken or tik so beautiful. Bcos this aktres very suitable act with ken or tik .they have chemstry …

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