☠️NCT DREAM ‘BOOM’ MV Reaction☠️

🎥NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘BOOM’ MV:

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#We_Boom #붐 #엔시티드림 #BOOM_MV
#MV_Reaction #뮤비리액션 #리액션 #Reaction
#Ch_NCT #채널NCT

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47 Replies to “☠️NCT DREAM ‘BOOM’ MV Reaction☠️”

  1. Let's get BOOM MV +50M 💪 A gift for the dreamies💚
    DO NOT press the Replay button. It does not count as a new view. Close the window and open it again.
    Delete your views history from time to time, to be sure your views are being counted.

  2. Chenle: Ele está se achando.
    (se referindo ao Jisung)
    Segundos depois.
    Jeno: Ele está se achando
    Tadinho 😂😂😂😂

  3. It's cute when Renjun highnote came out and Haechan want to give Renjun compliment, then he glance at Renjun. After that suddenly he like "aah forget about it" and kept watching

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