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29 Replies to “☠UNBOXING☠ of NCT DREAM “We Boom” Album”

  1. Jeno's visual is no joke. I'm in a total awe. In the normal crowds like that(bookstore), he totally stand out with this amazing aura. He looks blindingly shining with that hair, pink shirt, and simple jeans n white shoes. I'm so… There is no words I can use to describe this feeling. How can someone be this handsome? Amazing jeno ya. He's not even my bias tbh. But i gotta admit the visual. 인정. Jeno is really attractive.

  2. Jisung being embarrassed when they were in a store is me when I find kpop stuff in a store and I wanna go see but I'm to embarrassed to >-<

  3. Nct Dream We Boom 앨범을 샀을 ​​때 Jaemin을 구하고 싶지만 Jeno를 얻었습니다. 실제로 나는 또한 jeno를 좋아한다. 그리고 나는 또한 renjun를 얻는다.

  4. Are they really all going to graduate? Like what's going to happen Jisung and Chenle are going to be given new Dream members? I'm really confused. What's going to happen to the other members who graduated? Where are Renjun Jaemin Jeno going? Cause Haechan is in 127 and Mark is in SuperM and 127 but where will RJJ go??

  5. Oh god in Korea that’s so easy to buy an albums and if you lucky enough you can even meet them,but look at the store omg their is so many albums. OMG I need to pre order it for 2 weeks sometimes to 3weeks including shipping and need to go and pick up. OMG can’t relate!!!!!!

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