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43 Replies to “⭐️Dream comes true⭐️ in Shanghai #3 | 천지의 이것저것 Ep.12”

  1. Honestly Chenle is kind, and so talented. Idol training is hard and the fact that HE made it means he's not just a rich kid.
    He truly deserves it!! Also I want NCT Dream to be a fixed unit so bad.. this just makes me sad

  2. "Help how do i eat this" , "twirling twirling" , in conclusion, these short quotes show how baby Jisung is and I am whIPPed

  3. 12:39 Jisung’s hands are so beautiful he really is the man of my dreams hehe (sorry, i just really have a thing for hands). Hiiii from brazil ❤️🇧🇷

  4. Jisung said he feels tired after shooting game like 80% performing "GO"? "GO" choreo must be really tiring for real

  5. I can't believe me and them are the seem age . They are tall af and me always short 🤔

  6. They gonna play with all the NCT hyungs in the future. Dude!!! you'll end up crowding the place till there's no space to run to haha

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