10 Minecraft Bedroom Designs!

Do you like this video? Would you like to see more ideas and designs?

Let me know what room designs you would like to see ^.^

Any suggestions are welcomed and I hope you enjoyed the video! I got a lot of stuff in the works including some more minecraft house designs!

Designs by Grian, Botbox and ajustme part of my new crew to help me put out more content and develop my server, so big thank you to them!

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32 Replies to “10 Minecraft Bedroom Designs!”

  1. 2019 anyone
    Also grain's voice and the background music is really calming

    Edit:I just realized that someone had already commented the same thing

  2. Bruh. I'm a tomboy. Boys room with a slide, bunk beds, green and blue everything, big PS4 or Xbox, drawing desk and cuphead stuff? My Dream bedroom!

  3. Why did you just say obviously pink for girls room my favorite color is black and I hate pink you idiot but I’m sorry for calling you that you are the best YouTuber

  4. See, this is great and all, but it was better before phantoms were introduced and you didn't have to sleep in order to not get assassinated by nighttime flappy things that make hella freaky sounds.

  5. When I clicked this I thought it was a toycat vid, so when he said "Hello my name is Grian" instead of "Hello i'm IbxToyCat" I was confused xD

  6. Y'all need to call down because I don't know if you've noticed, but most young girls, including myself, we're obsessed with the colour pink

  7. I’m sorry, I have to…

    Pink? For a girl? “Girly?”
    Hey I want you to know not all girls are like that, like me, I like blue!
    It’s a bit sexist…

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