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32 Replies to “2.1 Server-side with Node.js – Working with Data and APIs in JavaScript”

  1. On my MacBook the "template" does not work anymore. I made everything like you did sir but it's still saying "Cannot get /". Any solutions? Still an exciting way to teach, thank you very much and keep it up!

  2. Wow!

    What amazing energy you got buddy…!
    It's so fun to watch.

    I just have one questions, how exactly is the confidential information saved from the public when using node js as a server app? Because if I use firebase and don't want to use any other server-side language (like python, PHP, etc), then how exactly I will save the credentials of firebase (or any other 3rd party services) in node js?

    I'm sorry if this sounds noob, but I'm very new to all this as I have been a backend developer since a very long time and since NodeJS and Firebase slapped all of the backend developers, I need to check all the new stuff happening in here.

  3. That moment when you're going through this playlist and everything starts clicking. Thank you for these videos! Very helpful!

  4. i have a doubt sir using a single file name such as index.html in express.static() function doesnt works only works if i specify a folder name??

  5. Sir, first of all thanks alot for your great great youtube educational collection.First was sceptical that your channel is for advanced developers but it was quite easy to follow.

  6. Any idea why if a friend clones my code of this and runs the index.js to open the server, he gets a Cannot Get / error, but I don't? Our files are identical.

  7. The file 'index.html' is not 'assumed' but predefined by the 'Directory Index'. It's true however that it's usually index.html but it could also be index.htm or index.php for other webserver configurations.

  8. How do we allow clients to access this server? Can we do so by allowing only a few devices or by publishing it everyone has access to it?

  9. Wow man! You are amazing! I know that you have allredy a tutorial about this, but you explained the details that leaves us clueless, perfectly.

  10. Love this series! Btw, if I may suggest for the next module, would you make a tutorial about Vue.js and ASP.NET Core Web API? that would be great! Thanks

  11. Found your channel so late and I regret of that! Amazing and so exciting one😍😍 Please can you make tutorials on rendering multipage pdfs documents using node js server??

  12. Hi Daniel

    Previewed your data and api's course; tried all the ones you published but also took advantage of your info on Glitch;

    Tried it out ( and I have a free website on the internet.

    (well – free is a limited option but since I am not using megabytes on fotos and films and do not require an Oracle SQL database (Express is part of the deal and fits fine in your course).

    If you check it out: moving the horizon uses a lot of tricks from your coding challenges – wish you made one on (2D !!!) defining your own X-axis: that makes programming fun.

    For those who want to try:

    – I tried github and know where to find the codingtrain but thats a study in itself – all I have on this site is just by copy and paste. (make sure you create your files in the right directory).

    – You need both an index.html and an index.js. Sorry Daniel but here your course could be more elaborate. By trial and error I got something going and the site itself does not have a clear help-system.

    – Advertising: directory structure is a puzzle for newbies but node and express are 'just available :)'. Publish your files shyless – why else go on the internet?

  13. Very rarely in my life do I come across people this generous and energetic. Also, I think I will now speak for everyone in here: dear Daniel, moarrrrr server-side JS tutorials, please!

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