2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Review

After a rollercoaster of a season Brazil has delivered us yet another brilliant race,
we were treated to a great battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, the two Ferrari’s colliding on track and then in the end an epic battle for the final podium spots which resulted in both Pierre Gasly’s and Carlos Sainz’ first podiums of their careers.

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McLaren ‘never gave up’, first podium in 2,072 days

McLaren are celebrating the team’s first podium result in 2,072 days after Carlos Sainz raced from 20th on the grid to third at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Sainz failed to set a lap time in qualifying at the Interlagos circuit, his MCL34 suffering an ignition wiring problem.

Set to start the grand prix from the very back of the grid, McLaren fitted his car with a brand new power unit that Sainz put to good use.

The Spaniard was up to 15th place after the first lap and, 70 laps later, crossed the lined in fourth place.

That became third when Lewis Hamilton was penalised for crashing into Alexander Albon.

Sainz made a belated visit to the podium, trophy and champagne in hand as he celebrated his maiden F1 podium.

“We woke up this morning after a difficult Saturday with a clear commitment to never give up and fight back,” said team boss Andreas Seidl.

“The achievement this year together with the podium today is the perfect motivation for all of us to keep working hard in order to score podiums again in the future for McLaren based on our own outright performance.”

McLaren clinched fourth place in the Constructors’ standings with Sunday’s result as they are 49 points clear of Renault with a maximum of 44 still in play.

CEO Zak Brown added: “Our first podium since Australia 2014 and P4 secured in the championship.

“Great teamwork today and all season. Our best result since 2012.

“Thank you to every single one of our people, our superb drivers and our incredible fans.”

After 51 laps of chess, chaos descended at the Interlagos circuit for the final 20 laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix and still Max Verstappen stood tall.

Insanity at Interlagos

Brazil breathes Ayrton Senna and his spirit was alive at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix which delivered another crazy result full of passion and emotion. Max Verstappen’s dominant performance had the air of Senna in his pomp while Pierre Gasly’s second place after a season of difficulties rewrote the story of what redemption can be in the cut-throat universe that is F1.

Then there was heartbreak for Alex Albon, a podium for McLaren, a penalty for Lewis Hamilton and the lightest of touches between the two Ferraris resulting in Charles Leclerc’s car falling apart like Lego car flung against a wall.

Max wins duel against the Champ

Interlagos again underscored its status as a legendary track, a track that punishes mistakes and that also provides drivers with opportunities to overtake. Verstappen made the most of those opportunities by overtaking Hamilton twice on his way to a famous win. Fans and analysts alike have waited to see the young pretender take on the king.

With all things being more or less equal, Verstappen showed that he can – and will – beat Hamilton. This may not be a surprise but what a delight to see the pair plunge into battle for a grand prix victory.

Verstappen was robbed of a win in 2018 due to the silly incident with Esteban Ocon and there was no stopping him in 2019. His form coupled with Honda’s gains mean anything is possible in 2020.

The power of dreams

The improvements in Honda’s power unit were visible in the run up the hill to the chequered flag as Gasly in the Toro Rosso had enough grunt to out-drag Hamilton’s Mercedes to the line to claim one of the most remarkable podiums in recent F1 history.

Honda says it believes in ‘the power of dreams’ and Gasly will scarcely believe what he achieved at Interlagos, having been unceremoniously dumped Red Bull earlier in the season. It is a result that does give the decision-makers at Red Bull some food for thought as they plan their driver line-ups in the coming seasons.

Gasly described being on the podium as “insane” and that just about sums up it.

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48 Replies to “2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Review”

  1. How was leclerc squeezing seb? How, in any way, is leclerc partly to blame? It’s all on seb. It’s plain to see.

    Leclerc stayed straight as a die, over on the left side of the track. Seb moved into him.

  2. Ferrari engineer to Vettel: We go plan C, plan C
    Ferrari engineer to Leclerc: We go plan C, plan C.
    They both crash into each other …plan C…crash

  3. Is it really possible to know how good Lewis is given he's only ever driven for a top teir (if not outright best) team his entire career.. How many/which other drivers do you believe would have/had similar results if given that car and team..
    I'm not saying he isn't a great driver, but without ever having driven for another team of lower rank/quality we have no way to really know. He's either one of the best ever, or just a very good driver that was super fortunate (to say the least) to start his career when and where he did.. There isn't a driver in existence who wouldn't sell his nanna or give their left nut to be handed such a massive opportunity from the jump..

  4. Great race full of action 1 of if not the best race 4 2019! Vettel is at fault 4 the crash, 44 & 33 brilliant racing, Gasly brilliant, Carlos outstandingly brilliant with all what was going on, wow it's a shame we can't c all of what's happening @ the same time, myb use drones instead of using them 2 kill people!
    True F1 Fan ✌🏾☝🏾🖤

  5. Mercedes have a problem for next season, if a 2nd team/car of RB could outclass them in a drag race. Is it possible that Mercedes was never that quick all along! And we saw with the first team of RB, when Max passed Hamilton twice, with ease (I know Max had fresher tyres, but so did Hamilton against Gasly).

  6. Despite the dominance of Lewis and Mercedes this year, this season has had some of the best races I've seen in years. With the continuity in regulations for next year, the 2020 season has the potential to be epic

  7. it was given that ferrari would implode on themselves after australia. they handed lewis that championship and next year they will do it again, if they dont get their act together

  8. You’re correct. Ferrari cannot win with these guys as teammates. And if you’re looking for what’s best going forward, Vettel has to go. When LeClerc tries to assert himself and makes a good overtake, Vettel makes an irrational move and takes both of them out of the race! And, unlike Hamilton, Vettel won’t step up and admit his mistake. Hamilton gets a penalty and owns up to his mistake. Vettel wipes out the team and he can’t acknowledge his mistake.

  9. i m not a vettel fun but every driver pulls that move…plus if you see the onboard close,leclerc either he has too many vibrations or hes slightly turning right into vettel…ps great content man!!!

  10. The pit crew for Red Bull kept Max in the fight, not saying he wouldn't have passed Lewis on track but they really came through for him.

  11. Alex Albon,
    Let The Immortal Legend AYRTON SENNA show you how to do it, and that's the only time you park.

    Check the links:



    Ayrton Senna saved my life from
    Erik Comas

  12. Gasly's podium reminds me of my first podium when i was karting about 16 years ago(during my first year karting), granted we were only 7 pilots but still,first race in a new circuit, i ended up qualifying in 4th and chaos ensured during the race, during the first lap the ones on 1st and 2nd collided on turn 4 and one of them had some damage and couldnt continue, the one who quali in 3rd went wide and i overtook him but he took 1st place back just for his engine to die on him a couple of laps later and the guy who quali in 1st (who overtook me after his incident) went offtrack in the second to last corner during the last lap. It was a gift hahaha

  13. At first this seems completely crazy. But I think dropping Leclerc and Vettel for Alonso and Ricciardo could work well. Because Vettel and Leclerc WILL crash again

  14. germany
    ver redbull driver
    vet ex redbull driver
    kvy redbull driver

    ver redbull driver
    gas redbull driver
    sai ex redbull driver

    also albon wouldve got hes podium too

  15. Vettel is clearly uncomfortable when he's not the undisputed no.1 driver. He's only happy in interview's when he has out-qualified or out-raced his teammate. Regardless of Ferrari's "peace" claims with Leclerc, I think Ferrari could pay $$$ to put him on "gardening leave", like they did with Kimi.

  16. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Vettel/LeClerc crash. Made my day it did!

    Not kidding, I got a Ferrari advert while watching this video with “I’m just waiting to prove myself” playing over it. Hahahaha

  17. Hulk is still available Ferrari…………just sayin

    They can't win with their lineup. Seb was given space, he just wanted more space. I wouldn't blame Charles for not giving him too much space as he's fighting for #1 status. Its not like he swayed right vs. Seb swaying left. They need to dump him and pick up Hulk. Nothing to lose IMHO.

  18. I really think that DRS should be completely up to the Pilots,no "zones",no BS and for P1 too……Mess-up,and you end-up off track.

  19. Good job, Aldas. I like your reviews. More than a year ago I predicted that Ferrari will replace Vettel at the end of the 2019 season, for non-performance. I wish Alonso would be his replacement. Someone should count the number of times that Vettel has closed the door prematurely on a pass and crashed out, often taking out his teammate as well.

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