2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Review & Road Test

The fourth-generation Jeep Cherokee doesn’t have a lot of “new” going for it. But Jeep claims there’s a new one coming based on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio platform. So is there any reason to buy the current five-passenger old guard? Micah Muzio from Kelley Blue Book gives you a bunch of reasons. Check them out.

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31 Replies to “2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee – Review & Road Test”

  1. I don’t like how the steering wheel is. It is not chunky near the 10 and 2 position where you grab the steering wheel while driving like most modern cars

  2. I have one, the high altitude and I believe That It has One of the Best Technology concepts out on many automobles — The guy is looking at silly stuff…. i have not even noticed the steering that he points out …after 9k miles ….also he mentions the slow start at the off engine scenario….., but he doesnt talk about the Sport mode which kicks….. its all a HYPE….. Bro critique it all the right way ….dont be biased… typical Fake …… its worth every penny — i am 6’2” and I feeL AWSEOME N THE FRONT SEAT AND back seats ….. I have had mercedes and this 2019 high altitude drives and has it all …… amazing I am a Black belt and i would like get this guy in the MaT……..butt head AMAZING ALL 5 STARS !!! I AM SURPRISED /// RANGE ROVER WATCH OUT

  3. Why do you make it sound so bad when it’s won so many awards for luxury, resell value, One of the nicest vehicles in its price range not to mention all the easy to use electronics and practically self driving and self parking features

    That engine is also on the top 10 best engine ever list and has almost 300 hp which is more than half the SUVs out there, and the best touchscreen on the market

  4. Had a 2013 Laredo a couple of years ago. It was wonderful. 33k seems like a great deal for me with all these options. And there’s no need for an update as far as I’m concerned.

  5. How nice nice nice and effeminate did that have to be.

    It's a jeep not a renault bloody clio.

    Gimme a 2004 model anyday, the one the 2.7L mercedes decent engine, roomy, classy does the job without looking like every other 4 by 4 with stupid alloys that are naff on rough road or farmland.

    These new jeeps are just keeping up wih the jones' and the rest of the blingy crap out there.

  6. Could someone from owning this car tell me the pros and cons of jeeps grand Cherokes and is jeep the best SUV? Thanks for the reviews

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