2019 Singapore Grand Prix Review

So it might have been a little slow to start but the Singapore grand prix delivered a thrilling race, with a strategical battle up front and all out carnage in the midfield, this race certainly had something for everyone. All my thoughts on the big moments and more in this video…

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Hamilton: We could have ‘easily won’ in Singapore

Lewis Hamilton feels Mercedes have let an easy victory slip away in Singapore due to a questionable race strategy at the Marina Bay circuit.

Hamilton, starting P2 and sandwiched in between the two Ferrari cars, was the last of the front runners to pit under the night lights, with many questioning why Mercedes did not try and attempt their own undercut instead.

While Hamilton did have the fresher tyres for the second half of the race, three separate Safety Car periods restricted him from putting them to good use.

Further questions were raised about Mercedes’ strategy, with pundit Damon Hill wondering why Mercedes did not pit again under one of the Safety Car conditions.

Hamilton was forced to come home in P4 behind Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen and bemoaned the fact that Mercedes did not try the undercut and kept him out instead.

“I knew we should have undercut,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1 in the Singapore paddock. “I kinda knew this morning as well in the brief.

“I was like ‘let’s just take the risk’, but they didn’t. But we win and lose together as a team so we’ll take this on the chin.

“It’s painful for us because we clearly could have easily won today.”

Hamilton also rallied the Mercedes troops after seeing Ferrari win three on the spin for the first time since 2008 and sent a reminder that he still thinks he is racing for the best team on the grid.

“It feels like they [Ferrari] are hungrier at the moment,” Hamilton added.

“So we’ve got to step it up. We’ve got the ability, we’re still the best team, we’ve just got to stop dragging our feet and move on.

“We’ll debrief, re-huddle, get back in the scrum and come fighting in the next race.

Despite the obvious disappointment, Hamilton has extending his handsome World Championship lead by a further two points after nearest rival Valtteri Bottas finished P5.

Leclerc doesn’t understand ‘not fair’ Ferrari strategy

Charles Leclerc is feeling hard done by after he was forced to settle for P2 in Singapore following an undercut by race winner Sebastian Vettel.

Usually we see the race leader get first priority over pit stops but, at the Marina Bay circuit, Ferrari opted to pit Vettel from P3 on Lap 21 and bring in team-mate Leclerc on the following lap.

Vettel had the pace to make the undercut work and, after a scrappy second half of the race which included three Safety Cars, he was able to bag his first victory since Spa 2018.

Leclerc was very vocal about the strategy decision on team radio:

Leclerc: “My head is down and it will be for the rest of the race but I wanted you to know my feelings.

“To be completely honest with you, I don’t understand the undercut, what’s going on. We’ll discuss after the race.”

Then, just as the one of the Safety Car periods was ending, Leclerc added:

Leclerc: “I want everything, even engine mode…”

Ferrari: “We need to bring the car home, Charles.”

Leclerc “Yep. I won’t do anything stupid. It is not my goal. I want us to finish 1-2. I just don’t think it is fair. But I won’t do anything stupid.”

Leclerc had to be content with P2 and conceded after the race it was a tough result to take.

“Obviously it is always difficult to lose a win like that, but in the end it is 1-2 for the team so I am happy for that,” he said.

“It is first 1-2 of the season, and all the guys deserve it. We arrived here hoping for a podium and we come back with a 1-2 so I am happy.

“I am disappointed on my side as anyone will be. Sometimes it goes that way, but I will come back stronger.”

Vettel, meanwhile, confirmed it was the team’s decision, not his, to pit him first and said he was surprised himself to see him come out ahead of Leclerc.

Ferrari pitted Vettel early due to Verstappen

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45 Replies to “2019 Singapore Grand Prix Review”

  1. why was ricciardo not put on super softs at his last pit?? I didnt know why the didnt, can someoen ezxplain please? I really think if Daniel was on SS's, and had 15 laps left….he is the honey badger he couldve made points definitely and maybe even a 5th or something. I was so frustrated, can anyone explina why? he pitted with 15 laps left, so not tire degrading, and he was not on super softs the entire race. Anyone knnow? did I miss something in qualiy?? Thanks if anyone answers.

  2. Can't see Mercedes winning the constructors next year with Bottas, I don't see him scoring more points than Leclerc and Vettel, Lewis has to do all the work as they keep singing Bottas again. Should have taken Ricciardo when he was available!

  3. Why can’t a driver get the extra point for fastest lap if they finish outside the top 10? Surely the fastest lap should get some reward regardless of where they finish?

    Agree on Norris. I think the C4 commentary summed it up; Norris hasn’t raced at Singapore before, but nobody’s told him!

  4. The only reason Ferrari could finish 1-2 is because leclerc pulled off an amazing lap on Saturday put that Ferrari on pole. And then controlled the race.

    Don't even discount that. Ferrari owe this results to Charles Leclerc.

    I'm not saying Ferrari were biased. But facts are facts.

  5. Vettel sacrificed his position in Belgium for Lec to win, but Vettel didn't complain but did it for the team as team player, Vettel is no team player for the years but now doing it for Lec n the team to beat Merc, if Lec shd hv pitted first Lewis could hv overcutt him by haven free air to speed up, this Lec shd not act like hero or F1 legend,, I am HAM fan n didn't want Lec to win after monza bcos of wat he said to Lewis, he is too rude, he need to show some respect to the Legends.

  6. Could you do a video on Grosjean? How many crashes has he had? How accident prone is he compared to the other drivers? Who in F1 history has had the most crashes?

  7. for the ferrari strategy i think they pitted vettel to cover verstappen undercut , . and for mercedes , they just messed up and i think they were surprised by vettel pitting .and when they decided to pit lewis they asked bottas to slow down to be sure that he won't end up behind albon , so hamilton (with fresh tires and clean air) will have the position behind verstappen , hoping he will be able to pass max

  8. Ferrari has now up there game this track is not good for Ferrari as we all know but I do think from now the next 6 races left I do now think Ferrari will be more up there with mercedes now I am a huge 44 fan but it's great to see vet win about time well done make a change for once.

  9. Ferrari had to pit Vettel when they did in order to cover off the undercut from Verstappen. Verstappen came in to pit right behind Vettel. If you rewatch the race, it is also possible that pitting Leclerc in that position would 1. Put Leclerc in an unfavourable track position which is EXTREMELY important in Singapore and 2. Allow Verstappen to undercut Vettel

    So imo it was just the right strategic decision.

  10. If Haas didn't need him, Grosjean would be in Tesco working the cash register. Oh well.
    I don't know what's Leclerc bitter about. Sure, he lost the race, but Ferrari got a 1-2, and let's not forget, if it wasn't for Vettel, Leclerc would not have won in Spa.
    This was a nice way to pay Seb back in a way, even though they probably didn't want it, he just had the window. Also, he was flying through the midfield drivers whereas Charles got stuck for a while. It was the right call and a great job from Ferrari overall.

  11. no the race didnt kick into anything…the top 6 nay, top 8 were in cruise mode and it was boring as fuck… the real race was behind ..scraping for places that offered no points. This is another thing wrong with f1… the front guys aren't racing. races that were awesome … canada germany hungary spa and monza … the rest were yawn inducing.

  12. Thank you for your honesty commentary. The undercut and Seb won the race.. Merc did not predict the power of the undercut.

  13. I think Lewis could have overtaken Max but i think he was surely thinking about the championship and risks.. so he did not try… same story every year.. last season he was fighting at this time so was great to watch.. at monza, singapore, japan then he dropped off.. he just wants to relax now i guess

  14. The Mercedes debacle seems like to me as that they screwed up Hamiltons race and threw Bottas under the bus. Mr. Vowles said that he's conserned about tire life as a reason to slow down, and later Mr. Wolff said that the call was made so that Albon wouldn't pass Hamilton as well. But when both are still technically fighting for the championship, this being a clear call against Bottas that you're not going to be championship this year, the race really wasn't handled that well by Mercedes

  15. Giovinazzi leading the race for a bit was the first time since 2015 that a non Mercedes Ferrari or Red Bull driver lead laps and also the first for Alfa Romeo since 1983

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