5 Reasons to Pick Up Kenshi (December 2018)

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I made a couple mistakes in this video and I wanted to let you guys know what they are. First off, the developer is not directly involved with the Discord Server. It was created by the Kenshi Community. Unfortunately, Discord is not the best place for bug reports. The community is still more than willing to help but you would not be in direct contact with the developers. If you are having issues the best place to report them would be through the Lo-Fi Website or the Steam Forums I will link both below.

With the full release of Kenshi, I thought I would make a list of the reasons why I think this game is worth picking up.

Skip to the beginning of the list (Number 5): 0:52

If you would like to try out Kenshi, the developers offer a pretty decent demo here:

For bug reports:

Community Discord:

Kenshi is a survival title created by developer Lo-Fi Games. This game offers players a ton, from building your own city to raiding other villages just for fun, you have the freedom to play however you want. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Kenshi and it has quickly become one of my favorite survival titles on steam.

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32 Replies to “5 Reasons to Pick Up Kenshi (December 2018)”

  1. I vividly remember fighting for my life because I stole a piece of bread coz Im so fucking broke. Now 100 days in I have the Holy Phoenix in my base as a "voluntary sparring buddy". I have 100k in my pockets and I swear to Narko if a UC Tax man even tries to breathe in the proximity of my base he's gonna join the Phoenix

  2. Been meaning to try this game for years and finally about to start my first playthrough. Long download b/c shit internet, but I'm sure I'll wreck it first try no prob.

  3. Any suggestions for games with similar emergent gameplay/deep interwoven mechanics but a little more streamlined? Watched your Atom RPG review, looks good but maybe not a lot of emergent/deep gameplay.

  4. Kenshi can be considered, if not the perfect or ultimate sandbox game, then the ideal sandbox. Kenshi is a game about finding your own way in the world. There's numerous ways you can play the game, and everything you do will be challenging. However, because everything is challenging, every accomplishment feels legitimately rewarding, from acquiring enough money to buy your first backpack, to building a top tier settlement.

  5. The game itself is an amazing gem. If I'm lucky and have less work I'm playing it everyday, but… Yes, there is one terrible 'but'.
    When I'm waiting for my characters to do something and it takes so much time I can watch youtube as other ppl play the game, it's fun to see another person perspective, but I always end up clicking 'Q,E' or other keys so I could circle around or see in diff angle while I watch someones gameplay (often ending up writing stupid stuff in comments, like: qwdadsqe, or closing firefox)- yes, I end up trying to angle the view on youtube videos. ^^

  6. Too bad this game has the worst optimisation I've seen in a game. I need to upgrade my tech to run this. It'll be worth it.

  7. Good to see a video on this, I have had my eye on it for years. I will pick it up at some point, I honestly just have too many other games at the moment keeping me busy.

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