7.23 Why are Pros playing Lifestealer Suport ? ft CR1T and Moonmeander

Lifestealer was remodeled completely. The hero can still be played as a carry but with the changes to his agh scepter it looks like support lifestealer can be a really strong hero. He deals with heroes pretty well in lane and once you get your lvl 6 infest allows you to enable any hero in your team!

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43 Replies to “7.23 Why are Pros playing Lifestealer Suport ? ft CR1T and Moonmeander”

  1. ty piece of shit in my ranked i see a fucking lifestealer suport and he feed all the fucking game because he watch your video and supose lifestealer is suport

  2. you also need radiance to skyrocket your usefulness. and maybe midas to help you still be relevant in the late game by constantly using it then infesting back.

  3. I have been a life main since 2014. And I was a bit apprehensive to see him changed, but I can say with certainty I love the new him. And more and more people are asking me how to play him and "is that a new hero" or "how long has he been in the game?" It is nice to see N'aix (Lifesteale) get the love and attention form new players the he deserved.

  4. Hi,

    Can we stop telling the kids that it's okay to afk 90% of ur pos 5 naix games, when we all have to queue all roles to farm fast queueing ?

    I don't think there's enough idiots left in the game to think 4v5 gameplay is winning, but with the addition of afk jungle mode into the game, I'm worried this 'content' is verging on toxic.


  5. Вот нахуя ты это снял? Теперь в каждой гребанной катке будет гуля сапорт и -25ммр…

  6. This video ruined my life in legend bracket…People playing this LS support even they fucking suck…And i end up carrying a fucking life stealer inside md for the rest of the fuxking game

  7. There are many ways to play a hero we shouldn't limit ourselves in a box, we must emphasize teamwork and teamplay at all cost.

  8. bullshit i already did this in SEA server and my idiot teammates keeps flaming me coz they cant understand what im doing and they throw the game dont do this when you are solo gaming play this with friends

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