Advanced Pelvic Floor Training – SATISFYER BALLS – Sex Toy Review

Satisfyer Balls is a 3 piece orgasm training kit. It comprises 3 weighted kegel balls that will help to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Blue ball: 79 g
Pink ball: 114 g
Red ball: 150 g

A strong pelvic floor means more pleasure for you and your male partner during penetration, more intense orgasms and incontinence prevention.

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7 Replies to “Advanced Pelvic Floor Training – SATISFYER BALLS – Sex Toy Review”

  1. Omg your so beautiful and sexy, super goddess look. I love your accent and hearing you say balls, I love hearing uk or Australian women say balls or talk about balls, my gf is from uk too, love uk women.

  2. Why do they make them so BIG?! I ended up getting loose stainless steel balls in much smaller sizes because that style is so uncomfortable I can't use them.

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