Airbot Supersonics 3rd Month Review (*as promised)

Check out my Day 1 review –

I bought it, and loving it so far. Great for daily use on floors, flat-woven rugs & low-pile rugs. Dropped it maybe twice or thrice – working fine and no cracks. Maybe I’m lucky. This product does come with a warranty.

No links to share, sorry, cos this is my personal 100% honest review. Thanks for watching.


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3 Replies to “Airbot Supersonics 3rd Month Review (*as promised)”

  1. I want to ask about the station base, do we have to connect to its charger everytime we used or it automatically charged when we put it back at it’s station base? I mean like dyson dock station, the wire cable already connected to it’s dock so it’s automatically charged. Thank you

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