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35 Replies to “animals vs tsunami vs tremor vs immortal vs stampede – Dj Houssem remix 2016”

  1. Pura electro like si les encanta la musica electronica y si las estas escuchando este 2019,2020👂✌✌

  2. 1:50


    Edit : Animals : MOTHER F– ANIMALS!!
    Tsunami : shut the f – up before I crush u with my big as- wave

    Edit : you don't wanna be an immortal bc
    An immortal is when u live but everyone u love dies over and over agin till no one is left on earth

  3. سۣۗہۖ҉ـۣۗैجۣۗہـۖ҉ৡـوۣدُيۣۗ آلَنۣۗہـۖ҉ৡـآصۣۗہۖ҉ـۣۗैريۣۗ says:

    هل اجد كواد عربي هنا🤣✌

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