[Animation Runningman] Ep.17 The Escape Game

Ep.17 The Escape Game

The victim who seemed to be dead becomes a zombie and attacks Running Man players!!
They flee to a different car of the train, but the whole train changed into a zombie world in an instant.
They even try to find the vaccine in the very first car, but they cannot hold out any longer.
What awaits the Running Man players at the last station?


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33 Replies to “[Animation Runningman] Ep.17 The Escape Game”

  1. Come get couple weeks ago OK I'm love boy or girl friends meet sorry running around like last time we? What? Cute cat

  2. I have waited for this ship since episode 2 and it has finally come UwU.

    You really don't know how happy I am… whoever wrote this, Thankies from me ^^ Gaiyo is My fav ship and no one can change my mind

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