AoE2 2v2 World Cup | China vs Vietnam | Semi Finals

This is the SemiFinals of the AoE2 2v2 World Cup between China and Vietnam! Winner here goes on to face either Norway or Finland in the finals! My apologies for the last game or two being sped up a bit, I tried to cast these games before Finland vs Norway happened to I had to speed it a long near the end.

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This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, © Microsoft Corporation.


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25 Replies to “AoE2 2v2 World Cup | China vs Vietnam | Semi Finals”

  1. 53:13 it definitely not just the "Mac n' L". the mango was important but u saw how easli he dealt with that other mangonel later. it was definitely the plumes.

  2. Great commentary m8
    Love to see you making these videos and I hope you're making enough money to make it truly worth your time

  3. Players use eagles differently to what you used to see in AoC, they are using them as a bulk fighting force massed as on rather than have lots of little groups of 3 or 4 swarming an entire base

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