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31 Replies to “Arcade 1Up Golden Tee [Honest Review]”

  1. how would you rate the set-up? I’d love to get this and a pac man, but wondering how difficult they are to build/set up?

  2. Dude you one of my favorite Youtubers!! I just got this one yesterday! And I love it’s I have paceman,SF,MK,galaga,rampage!! These things are great!

  3. If you want to restart the current game without having to reset to main screen just tap all 3 white buttons at same time before you swing and it will prompt and end game option.

  4. Can anyone tell me if your "records" for like longest putt or longest drive and things like that stay when you turn off the game or unplug it? Mine just got delivered today…pretty excited to put it together in our "fan cave"

  5. Nice video, I have the arcade1up golden tee aswell n it plays awesome, but I didn't spend $500. I got mine from Wal-Mart for $398 but I'm an employee so I used my discount n paid $363. So head to Wal-Mart n get it cheap n if you know a friend that works there definitely try to get it even cheaper

  6. So the one i bought says 1 or 2 player on the box but all the videos ive watched it says up to 4 players. did your box say up to 4 players or did it say 1 or 2 players.

  7. Nice review. Just got it from a store here dillards for $200 . Open box unused and already assemble. I got a great deal lol. They were running a 40% off. Can't wait to play it. It's on my truck bed now.

  8. I’m not sure how wide-spread this sale was, but my local Wal-Mart was selling the 1up Arcade machines for $75.00 EACH!! I bought 5 of them, and I ca; honestly tell you: I experienced TRUE JOY when I began playing these machines. I was smiling from ear-to-ear and I don’t think I truly appreciated them until I got them home, got them assembled, and fired them up one-by-one and I have been playing for hours every day! I cannot wait for STAR WARS to be released!

  9. Its crazy how the lit marquees bring these cabinets to another level. I added lit marquees on my two cabinets.

  10. Golden tea plays just like all the golf games I’ve played on Xbox one nothing special about it not worth $499.99 I am sure it will be on clearance up to $50.00 not a lot of people like golf I rather play basketball nba jam or NFL blitz

  11. Great honest review on Golden Tee, but it’s not my thing. I do respect the franchise and those who do enjoy it though👍🏽.

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