Australian tourists call Hong Kong riots ‘a shame’ 澳大利亞游客稱香港騷亂「可恥」

Australian tourists weighed in on the riots that rocked China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on the night of August 31. They said their families back home were worried about their safety. Bars that used to be bustling were closed and business was impaired.

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40 Replies to “Australian tourists call Hong Kong riots ‘a shame’ 澳大利亞游客稱香港騷亂「可恥」”

  1. A list of things done in HK thus far by these rioters whom western media and politicians call 'peaceful protesters, wanting democracy and freedom':

    *Stabbing policemen with knives

    *Destroying entire streets by digging up bricks and rocks

    *Throwing rocks at police

    * Throwing bricks at police

    * Shining high powered laser into the eyes of police and elderly HK citizens who do not support their violence

    * beaten up countless of Hong Kongers, especially mob violence against the single handed elderly, men and women, resulting in bloodied heads, mouths, eyes, noses etc

    * threw acid on policemen

    * used catapults at the police, ended up hitting and blinding a female protestor (and thus less and less catapults were utilised since then)

    * torching cars of other Hong Kongers

    * harrassing and doxxing people who were interviewed by the media, including their workplace and families (till now many Hong Kongers are fearful to appear on camera)

    * stoning an elderly Hong Konger in the head after a verbal exchange, old man died

    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at police

    * threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at elderly Hong Kongers trying to clear the debris after a night's rioting

    * setting fire and burning a man alive who didn't agree with their anti-social behaviour

    * blockaded entire roads and streets, not allowing any vehicle nor pedestrian to pass, people cannot go to work, children cannot go to school and elderly cannot go home, resulting in scores of people stranded….. if anyone complains on social media….. they are doxxed and they and their family harrassed and threatened

    * stormed and destroyed the parliament building, raised the UK flag and US flags on sovereign territory

    * multiple attempts to snatch police guns

    * Using bows and arrows at the police, hitting police officers with the shot arrows, piercing through

    * so far, about 3 elderly men killed by these masked mobs, plenty more in hospitals or at home with injury

    * destroyed banks

    * destroyed shops of innocent Hong Kongers

    * destroyed stores belonging to global multinational companies

    * destroyed and set fire to many MTR train stations

    * purposely threw debris to derail trains

    * derailed trains with passengers in them, causing untold injuries

    * making up stories of police brutality

    * charging at the police with batons, poles, baseball bats, umbrellas

    * used the suicide of a 15 year old girl due to mental illness as a false story of police brutality, claiming she was killed by police

    * the suicide victim's mom was interviewed and she shared that her daughter was suffering from mental illness and she reviewed all CCTV footage of the day, it was a clear suicide and had nothing to do with the protests nor police, and was doxxed by angry rioters for not allowing them to use her daughter as a martyr, and harrassed, given death threats and hunted down, even when she is grieving the death and loss of her daughter

    * occupied and destroyed universities

    * made thousands of petrol bombs during the occupation, more than 4000 were found

    * occupied and forced the national airport to shut down

    * occupied the airport and prevented travellers and foreigners from flying, leaving many in tears and literally begging the rioters to let them go home

    * destroyed traffic lights

    * destroyed street lamps

    * destroyed sidewalks

    * destroying taxis and cars

    * setting fire to multiple vehicles near the universities

    Feel free to add your own

    Most of them would have gotten shot by the police in most western countries, especially in the USA.

    So let's not be hypocrites here.

  2. The Hong Kong police are raping and killing their own people! I don't care what you say, I'm an Australian citizen and I stand with Hong Kong. It's the right thing to do. 🙂

  3. They stand up for their beliefs. I respect that. They should determine the future of HK and not Chinese, Australians, Singaporeans, UK or US. The rest of the world, go save the millions of migrants who left their countries BECAUSE THEIR GOVERNMENTS are useless. THERE IS A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between the two groups.

  4. Australian journalists truly report on Hong Kong riots 澳洲新聞記者真實報導香港暴動(視頻被人封殺..請廣傳出去給各國外國朋友)

  5. Tourists avoid HK at all cost. It is unsafe to travel to HK, these thugs and hooligans will harass & attack you. Spend you hard earned money elsewhere.

  6. I know if ppl who wants to come to play feel very frustrated. However, we are not going to sacrifice our freedom to a bar business, sorry!! But today hk, tmr Australia. If we burn, you will burn with is by communism. Be serious!

  7. Thank you very much SWEETS HEARTS. You are the real HUMANITY Australians with fair, justices and PEACE. LOVE you all for ever. We are all ONE Family in this WORLD. What happen in Hong Kong is SHAME. Wish you all have a safe return home.

  8. China have not interfere in Hong Kong and let it destroys themselves. So it won't be blame by US . In the end they will blame US later for the democracy they're having .

  9. At least CGTN allows for comments. The other Western channel disables theirs. So they don't allow you to say what you want to say. The democracy and free speech that these young fools are destroying HK over.

  10. So what happened to all the "foreigners should not comment on chinese internal affairs" thing? Apparently they are allowed to comment on chinese internal affairs, as long as they agree with the ccp government and their brainwashing media like CGTN lol

  11. RT America said China used Capitalist sanction tactics by not sending their PLA police to Hong Kong. Basically, Rick Sanchez is saying is that China let those rioters destroy their lives and economy. Sooner than later they would have realised that they destroyed their own livelihoods.
    It wasn't the central government. It's Hong Kong rioters who brought it to themselves.
    Everything manifested in front of our eye.

  12. Tourists will avoid Hong Kong which really is no longer a great place to visit. There are more interesting destinations in Asia and in China than HK which is crazily expensive and nothing much to offer. Now with terrorists type of proteseters in HK, all the more boycott HK. Let if suffer worst than SARS, then these naive, ill behaved and cruel protesters will have to kneel to beg for food or rob and kill. Hong Kong is definitely committing suicide.

  13. thanks CIA and Mi6 sponsered violent protestors.
    With all this riots you expect visitors or tourist or business man going to HK? Even ghost will ran off with all these rascals in HK.
    The only thing that will go up is bankruptcy and increase in number of young beggars.
    Only themselves to be blamed for the situation…from financial hub to terrorist hub. HK now is good for habouring fugitive and terrorist. No extradition law….very safe for them.

  14. If these riots were to happen to most Asian countries, these hooligans will be behind bars for a long, long time. Only HK is so lenient and soft: just release them on bail. What a shame!

    These rioters give their allegiance to foreign countries, particularly to the USA and UK, they hate HK, they hate China and they don't even consider themselves as Chinese!!! They are Yellow Bananas!!!

  15. … wow… you can't be seriously equated a tourist inconvenience to the rightful people's protesting for their very own rights, survival and their future is at risk… why would you choose to visit Hong Kong unless you really want to support the struggle for the beautiful cause…
    Please don't be fooled nor carelessness… innocently surprised… You could've just move to the next nearby destination… for your own good time… without being shameful to none at all…!

    Just a friendly reminder…

  16. When their parents can't pay for foods/rents/bills, due to lack of business & jobs. They've KILLED their own prospect of ANY jobs in their own future.. better get used to living under bridges/parks/prisons..? these young students protesters have Western mentality, wants instant this & that, not thinking their hard working parents slaved all day, to put them thru education, for a better chance of good jobs for them. Seems respects for parents & authority is not taught in schools.. just like Western children that can't be smack or face being accused of child abuse.

  17. If so afraid, why still come to HK??? They hv been protesting for 13 weeks. The world knows. You don't tell me you don't know. I wonder! Then talking nonsense & shit! Just go back if afraid.

  18. HK people fight for your freedom ,fight the communists. hey australia remember 1776? FREEDOM from jolly old england. lol

  19. Next time just come over to Singapore, you will enjoy your stay in Singapore. We welcome tourists from all over the world. 😃

  20. But… dont be like that.. these kids like you guys u knw.. they want to be westerner, they want your support💆‍♀️💆‍♀️

  21. The footage has been cut to fit CGTN's agenda. This is 35 seconds out of a clearly longer interview. I'll never know what my fellow Aussies had to say in full, but what they've said so far is in no way mutually exclusive with support for the protests.

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