Being Veggie in Vietnam Part 2: Here & Now Restaurant Review

In part two of Being Veggie in Vietnam, the Ninja Teacher team shares their experience living in Saigon while being vegans/vegetarians, and reviews Here & Now – a local Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant with a dash of “Western”.

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8 Replies to “Being Veggie in Vietnam Part 2: Here & Now Restaurant Review”

  1. I like how Kyle just is himself. Kyle is the Bhuddah. He knows that to be anything but himself is not knowing himself. He sees everything and loves and is comfortable with himself. Keep being yourself folks. Do what you love to do, not what you think someone else wants you to do. Be zen. You are Bhuddah. We are all Bhuddah. Peace out, y'all.

  2. Interesting video. Sometimes I consider becoming a vegetarian. Curious – what is/are the reason or reasons that you guys decided to become vegetarian? Thanks.

  3. Being vegan in asia is extremely easy. Try being the opposite… I found it almost impossible to order a bowl of pho with less noodles and double meat. Its exceedingly hard for humans to understand not eating many plant materials.

    Without a language barrier, do you have any idea how many times I've said to someone I have food allergies and they respond with "we have vegan options" like plants cant be harmful to humans?

  4. I'm wondering if there are places which serve tasty fish and chicken. I'm not completely veggie, since I still eat fish and chicken, but I abstain from beef and pork entirely since they are the hardest to filter through the kidneys. Any fish and chicken recommendations?

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