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20 Replies to “Blade and Soul – 3rd Spec Assassin Combat Footage From KR Server!”

  1. Okay so i just tested it since it just released on tw server and it's so fun, even better than serpent spec imo tho the overall dmg not so sure yet since my serpent spec deals higher dmg in ani cancel

  2. Ive quit playing because of the state of Sin but this gives me a twinkle of hope in my eye for it to see something being done to it now

  3. This seems to be the current meta for all the 3rd specs to come out. Like the wolf form with kfm, like starstrike with BM and the double axe form. Every class seems to get a burst damage mode in which they increase they damage by a huge amount. Probably this spec will be the best dps spec for sin

  4. And another class opened for lyn. Just remove that stupid race lock. I´m 100% making a big gon summoner just to piss off lynplayers when the time comes xD Getting so many comments from lyn players: you cant do that! Will just look weird ! Finally they get my point 😛

  5. Its nice because of shinobi form but i was wait for shadow clones jutsu like in ultimate korean trailer nvm its funny also like this something new i can't wait hype

  6. 2 considerations… first: sure it’s gonna be op, cause they have to keep players curious about new specs in order to try it and invest in the game. Second: damn… I can already feel pain of the game stuttering with all of those shadow clones animations.

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