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36 Replies to “Blade and Soul – Fresh Start Server + UE4 Confirmed For December”

  1. if they dont bring ue4 to liveservers i think most ppls will just quit the game :D.
    i only play cuz i hope it gets better soon and dont want to fall too far behind. if i have to start over again, i can also start another new game. NCSoft did too much shit in bns to start it again and feel the same pain every update again

  2. Honestly, a fresh start would be a terrible idea. It's not like with archeage where the gear/pvp is competitive. 99% of content can be cleared with r9 if mechs are done. a9 if you're lazy and gc+ if you want braindead. Wiping my costumes earned, investment without some huge compensation would kill it for alot of people. Now they will bring in new blood, but 75% of them will quit in 30 days (Honey mooners) and those that remain may not stick around regardless. Furthermore it will be dividing the base. I get the notion of fresh start, and why it may appeal. But they could just make two new fresh start servers while keeping the current one for those that don't want a fresh start or care. Lastly, if true that would mean that 95% of the content will be removed, and base BnS was lackluster in content. It would be wise to release ue4 with the current build.

  3. Fir sure only the new server will have UE4 cos they cant make the whole world what we have now in UE4 in less then 1 year, thats why they show us the UE4 only to pohran area.

  4. It really feels like that the UE4 isn' finished yet and they want to push it before the end of the year. sure thing, Its fun to see the remastered old content, but I really want a carracter transfert option for the live servers. I don't think I wish to grind 12 alts again from start to finish.

  5. No Jarke correction, we going know what UE4 is going to do for the game in Korea, not for NA/EU. NA/EU has terrible performance issues and the way NCSOFT/NCWEST has been releasing these patches lately for NA/EU these past couple of months…I'm sure as hell not getting my hopes up. If UE4 in NA/EU flops, I'll fucking quit. Been playing this game more than 5 years since China server, and I've been tolerable since then, but it's been real annoying when the company doesn't want to listen to the BNS community over and over again.

  6. Daam I got some really cool outfits and stuff, I hope their let's us transfer items to the new servers(somehow) if we choose the move.

  7. When you fuck up game so hard that you have to open new server and start everything from the start. Good job NCSoft!

    On the other hand I'm super hyped about it. I hope they implement subscription system to the game where you could only play "complete" version if you're subscribed, but they reduce subscription cost to like 6$ and don't do shit like RNG boxes and Trove for "complete" version. This way they would get the income they need and don't fuck up the game. I think with 6$ subscription a lot more players would not mind subscribing for not P2W game. They could also introduce like special item that you could buy in main game with HM coins or Gold that would let you play "complete" version for month but you'd not get the premium benefits. This way main game would still be active and F2P player could farm up gold or sell it for HM coins in main game so they could get the subscription for "complete" version, if they want to play that. Seems like "Win-Win" situation to me.

    But hey, it's NCSoft after all, the chances that they don't fuck this whole thing up are prety slim…

  8. even i spended "a lot money" and time in this game i would not mind if live server would stay on ue3 and on ue4 frontier you would need to start from beginning but only if they would put it on subscription mode and promise none p2w system and ofc there will be improved fps and ms.

  9. they can't do that to the west version, i hope they arent that stupid, a fresh start for a game only 3 years old doesnt make sense, if that the case im out

  10. I do hope for not a damn broken class since im sick of all the broken classes they bring
    I do hope they balanced and make everything better since my only main reason for quitting bns was

    Classes where never balanced
    bad optimization
    and all they do was too screw on the classes that where there
    I still dont think they will go that far of how grinding the weapon was something normal I do hope

  11. I would be so happy to get a fresh start in ue4, also if they removed trove and rng boxes while bumping up the premium benefits with the optional sub that would be icing on the cake.

  12. Would it be possible to transfer ur char from the live server to the new server? I feel like f2p players r gonna be sort of mad if u cant.

  13. smh my excitement turned into disappointment if it really is a brand new thing it better be the best damn restart I ever did play

  14. either way, Im not spending a dime on premium/ncoin until I know that A)my progress won't be wiped or B)UE4 will be available for both servers

  15. i hope we can get remastered and normal graphic option like BDO >_< i playing bns since beta and i love my character >_< it is not make sense if we start over especially very old players like me >_<

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