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14 Replies to “Blade and Soul – Server Merges Good Or Bad (1 Month Later)”

  1. There are more parties and my ping hasnt changed.

    However there are people who don't know how to speak English which makes it harder to communicate sometimes.

    Jadestone village's chat is like 90 percent germen sadlife

  2. in eu french and german ppl dont know eng like whyyy or just hate us and dont wanna talk with peasant language like eng –___

  3. Pros : Easier to find whales for higher tier dungeons and raids (such as DST / BC and VT, SK even TT raid PUG), easier to get carried for new players or returnees even for vets.
    Cons : People said, toxic players became more and more.. yea, some.. its normal tho
    Cons : Never party with Jarke, Eckogen, Keroppi, or even EDUH in raid or dungeon after the merge, not yet maybe…..actually i have been party with eckogen once, before the server merge a year ago in EC dungeon… /giggle

    PS : you guys need to play with us more often @Jarke @eckogen @keroppi @EvilDoUsHarm

  4. Sup Jarke! Party finder will come back if and only if they start introducing open world content again. Remember, in the past people had to do stuff outside f8 so that thing was way more useful than it is right now. F8 is exceedingly more efficient than party finder without open world content – it's just as simple as that. By killing open world content – they killed this feature as well.

  5. EU here. I have to agree with you on the weeklies. You see a ton of lfp or lfr messages almost constantly from Wednesday to Tuesday. Now toxicity wise I have seen a few 'Speak English!!!!!1!!!' messages here and there but most people are quick to shut them down.

  6. I think the server merge was really good for the health of the game. It's so easy now to find Pugs for weeklys and raids. Honestly during the day when there is a lot of spam I see less toxic people before. Before the server merge there were some infamous people who trolled or just trashtalked in the german fraction chat but now I can't see them at all because of the spam.

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