Blade & Soul – Mods & Profiles (Spring 2017) – F2P – All servers

It took a while to record all this but finally finished it! 😀 Here are some of the new NPC in the latest update and a new outfit found in the test server, also included all the profiles in the video. Not in the video but also found Yura hair for all races (female only) in the test server, so maybe they will release in the shop soon 🙂

It’s really fun to edit this kind of videos but it takes a lot of time recording and processing, it’s like 300+ Gb for 4h recording in 4k@120Mbps and around 50Gb for proxies just for 5min video xD Didn’t use any kind of post-process or any other effect, just a png for vignette effect, all the rest is in-game footage.

Here are all the mods and profiles used in the video:
– Download (38Mb):

– Modding help:

DIY Useful links:

– Mod Tool

– Updating database

– Hair modding

– Manual mod tool

– Hex Editor

Game website:

Background music:

More Blade and Soul videos here:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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32 Replies to “Blade & Soul – Mods & Profiles (Spring 2017) – F2P – All servers”

  1. I can never get modding on this game to work… what am I doing wrong? I follow all tutorials step by step with no progress… whats going on?

  2. Which hair will be replaced to get the yun/kun hair(1,2&3)? (number of the hair pls)

    nice work tho 😉
    Figured out by myself. Would be nice if you can make the hair mods for every hairstyle available….

  3. I FOUND THE ORIGINAL ONE!! YAAAAS! I found this reposted because I was looking for the song from the Roundtable video and I saw the reposted version. I’m glad you put your name on it cause now I can see it in high quality! I love these fashions. This makes me want to play the game even more but too bad my PC can’t run it.

  4. Does anyone know how to use these mods on BNS Buddy? I've downloaded the outfits and profiles and went to the character creation, but nothing showed up. Thanks for the help!

  5. I don't know all the outfits that the mod replaces, only that the HM uniform or Fragrance of Life is used for the outfit for Kun 2 – I thought Jiangshi cap would be use since that's the most easy to acquire but apparently not so I'm lost with this one x-x

  6. Hello! First of all, thanks for the really nice Video! I Wanted to ask if it would be possible to place the modded outfit from on a Different one. Sadly I can't buy the Fragrance of Life Outfit anymore in zaiwai so I wanted to ask for help. 🙂

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