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30 Replies to “[Brown Dust] 3 NEW UNITS! – Banner Review”

  1. I would not recommend to invest any diamonds/premium scrolls for this banner. Better to save your scrolls/diamonds for the upcoming banner with Wihelmina/Laura as the new units.

  2. I rerolled for Walya+(something good)+(something usable early) and ended up with Walya+Seir+Hijin (got Asmode pretty quickly too, but he won't be relevant to me for a good while). Surprisingly, Walya has actually been carrying my team pretty hard for these first couple of days. Even though her buff is pretty worthless atm, having that early taunt is very useful for taking some pressure off my weak defenders so they can last long enough for my mages and warriors to thin out the enemies. So, not such a bad starter after all it turns out (though I still wouldn't build her early).

  3. I'm confused about Hanya's first skill. Is it a buff that slowly disappears at the start of the instance and disappears in 5 turns? Like it's just gone the entire battle? o.o

    edit: Also, what happens when their are 2 taunts currently on a turn? i.e. Seir activates her first and then Hell next?

  4. After using valze since global released, I finally realized that mamonir's null counter erases my buffs. Thats terrible cause valze's passive wont have any buffs for it. Is there any way to ignore nullifier?
    This also makes my plan to drop skillbooks on supports really bad, since mamo is almost always at the back in my rank

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  6. I think I'll skip, I have seigmund and foxy, and might skip seir, I have lillian and mamonir, and I have asmode. I have other 5 stars but they're kind of irrelevent.

  7. The rates are so abysmal, I swear my blood is near it's breaking point. I do wish more mobile games can increase the rate for 5* the more you summon

  8. This might be a little off topic but im really drawn to picking angelica as my frst ancient coin despite knowing octos are better, is there anything benefit i can get if i go for her

  9. If you don't mind, I'd really like some advice? I have seir +3, valze, Velfern, liliane +0, gunther+0, foxy+1. I also have 4 skill books, what would you recommend as the unit to invest in now that can help me more?

  10. Just started watching your channel but I already feel like I know 4-times as much as i knew before (I’m new to this game so thats no surprise) but still, keep up the great videos :]

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