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12 Replies to “[Brown Dust] NEW UNITS! – Banner Review”

  1. I was thinking you could use Sarubia to buff Wilhelmina when she comes out. Wilhelmina already attacks front and she already comes with debuff inmunity, so I think that specifically for her Sarubia could be better than Veronia.

  2. Worth to try your luck to pick up Lecliss from this pool. There is no need to spend skill book on Lecliss, +0 is already an effective unit for Arena defence and Guild War defence.

  3. Seeing that most people set their tankiest in th e back, like lilian, lucius, mamo, walya, etc, at least since global released, sarubia should be awesome for a while

  4. Acabei gastando os meus 33 scrolls no banner da walya (o suporte c taunt) sem sorte, só fodder. Vamos ver no que dá agora durante o evento ahah
    Mais um bom vídeo 🙂 o seu inglês é muito bom, o que me deixou surpreendido e me agarrou desde o começo com o lançamento do global. Sei que no Brasil há muita gente com poucos ou 0 conhecimentos da língua ao contrário de Portugal, onde é uma das disciplinas/classes desde o 5 ano de escolaridade e na maior parte das escolas desde o 1 ano.
    Boa continuação

  5. I think global is moving a little too fast, theres no time for the meta to settle down and the same time not enough time to get resources to pull the new mercs… its either way or you get lucky or spend some money, managing skill books and wich mercs to prioritize will require a whole lot of thinking… well at least things will be interesting

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