Carolina FFA with China! #3 AoE

Carolina FFA With China! #3 AoE

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay of a day, I’ve been super busy this weekend. We have a FFA with China today! I tried to do a commentary for the whole match, so let me know your thoughts on that. Otherwise, enjoy!


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Age of Empires III © Microsoft Corporation. Carolina FFA with China #3 AoE III was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires III, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.
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31 Replies to “Carolina FFA with China! #3 AoE”

  1. They ever fix the trading post on that map? Occasionally one of the sites would spawn with a sliver of unbuildable land that prevented a post from being built. Might have been the regular map, not large.

    I haven't played in years, not since being admin at the wiki. I had some success with saiga and water buffalo shipments though.

  2. Hey samurai revolution, try and get to max villies by the time you can go imperial then you can have 120 villies (or 119) and wtill a 100 pop army

  3. Yo Samurai Revolution you are such a great player that every civ you play becomes opBest luck for Spring Championshipkeep up the good content

  4. Your deck really need the Old Han Reform card in age 4 which increased the strenght of pikes and bows by 100%

  5. Hey Samurai, the ESO Spring championship was just announced and your account is eligible to play! You need to play. I am going to sign up for the tournament as well.

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