Cat Lives For The Crazy View On This Mountaintop | Kritter Klub

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Cat is like simba on the summit lol


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36 Replies to “Cat Lives For The Crazy View On This Mountaintop | Kritter Klub”

  1. Your beautiful doing Gods work for us to do..Jesus love you! Glad to see animals rescued! God bless people for helping.* 🐶 04:48 🎁🎁❤

  2. As long as the cat is happy n safe. Nothing else matters. The cat loves his mountain view so it should be left there. It's great to c the cat hanging around in the mountain N enjoying his mountain view. Great video. 👏👏 great location N beautiful view. I wish I was there in person to c the view N also to meet the cat. 😊

  3. Happy little kitty God bless you and people passing by feed y give you love there must be something for him to eat in the wild some little creatures to eat.  At last some happy story

  4. He looks so healthy I thought he was going to the mountain to mooch off of the hikers and then returning home 😂 He's also really comfortable with the monk, so that's probably where he spends the winter. He really hit the jackpot with this territory 😁

  5. 🔥🔥🔥🔥Hello, fire brigade burned around here🔥🔥😎😎😎


  6. I have a bit of a wild cat myself. I just let him choose (unless he has a vet appointment) whether he is inside or out. Right now he is sleeping on the covered deck. He is very affectionate like the kitty in this video, but I am afraid he would not thrive if he was to be confined. He will sit in my lap for half an hour or so and purr so loudly and contentedly, then hop up and go back outside. I have a pet door so he can do this at will. He is a free spirit so that's how I allow him to live.

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