China BEST Strategy / Deck Guide! Age of Empires III

Best Strategy/Deck Guide for CHINA! in Age of Empires III Have you wanted to learn how to play with China? This guide helps you get started with them – what cards are best, the best units, and a great strategy to help you get started with. This civ is fantastic! Give them a shot.

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22 Replies to “China BEST Strategy / Deck Guide! Age of Empires III”

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  2. Funnily enough I ended up here by searching for Aztec Fuchuan which is rumored to be the most powerfull naval unit in AoE3…

  3. I just played a game with the chinese civilization and remembered how fun it is to use the Hand Mortars, hahaha.
    For ress cards I used fast hunt and fast wood. Then cheap villages and mills followed up with cheap fishing boats. For long term food I took the Water Buffalo card, improved fishing and improved growth rate of the buffalos and when they were about 500, I took the fast slaughter of em. That makes lv 4 pretty easy cause of the gold from fishing and food from Buffalos. I totaly agree on the Old Han and look forward to unlock that one. (lost hard disk on my computer, so it is start from beginning) First I worked with french for faster ress but changed to Russia for the Factory and possibiliity for a Fort as well, if needed. Germany offer faster Banner Armies, so they are good, but still not available for me.
    So fun to play AOE 3 again. 😀

  4. How do % upgrades stack? If they are addative, %8 more hp and dmg is very small. Old hans(+%100) and barracks upgrades will shrink wester reforms in to "increase current damage and hp by %4" . thats not impressive.

  5. To echo many others here: Please please make this a series. As a relatively new player, I would watch the heck out of every single one.

  6. As a fairly experienced China player, I think you're missing one of China's main strengths: the naked FF.

    Strategies differ, obviously, and your overall deck is quite good for a late game play, but in a 1v1 situation, you should use those powerful age 3 military shipments (5 meteorhammers, 10 arquebusiers, Inteverntion, Manchu/Iron Troops, 7 hand mortars, …). You can get a crazy death ball of units by the 9 min mark and just steamroll any opponent.

    Good video!

  7. Diplomatic intrigue can be better than 8 pikemen in certain situations. For example, if you're playing vs India and under threat of sepoy and sowar, pikes just die to sepoy too fast before making contact with the sowars. So, if you send DI and build a consulate but not make anything unless rushed, you're well prepared against a sepoy sowar rush. You can combine 8CKN, 6 redcoat and minutemen with tc fire to defend. If the rush doesn't come, then you can skip intervention and train double redcoat batches or redcoat plus faconet. Another option is to combine redcoat with flamethrower from castle.

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