China warns Canada against interfering in Hong Kong | Power & Politics

China’s ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu warned Canadian parliamentarians not to follow the lead of the U.S. Congress in seeking to sanction Chinese officials over their handling of the Hong Kong crisis.
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37 Replies to “China warns Canada against interfering in Hong Kong | Power & Politics”

  1. Repression in HK ? The cockroaches opressed the elders,working class and all those who wanted to work and to live peacefully their life.

  2. YES!!! We get It. China warns Canada! China warns The United States! China warns Australia! China is lately WARNING eveyone not to do something!

    Why it's rumored China even warned Jesus not to return!

    who knew!!!!

  3. cut off all trades with canada, the incompetent beaver needs to learn, get all the foreign investors to sell off their properties, the beaver economy will collapse instantly.

  4. canada aka the most incompetent shithole on earth deserves a warning? wow……beaverheads should be honored, you've become warning-worthy !

  5. Ridiculous arrogance of this message from Chinese ambassador has no excuse. The tone of it is of a master to slave. Canada should not take it lightly. Sounds like an insult and "do what you are told" kind of message

  6. China needs to stop doing business with countries that treat China as an enemy. China should concentrate on trading with countries that respect China's sovereignty. Chinese nationals should also stop visiting countries unfriendly to China especially countries who are vassals of the USA. For a start China should stop buying from Canada.

  7. Chinese ambassador versus Canadian parliament, reminded Canadian law makers interfering in Chinese affair can cost them dearly… let's wait and see who is the real boss inside Canada????

  8. I just picked myself up off the floor after being knocked over with a feather after seeing "comments open" by a CBC new item.  Rather risky for them, eh?  Disband the CBC.

  9. When you find Chinese politicians trying to annoy plate and bribe officials in the government's of this world to benefit their selves there are many politicians in America are accepting money from China to look the other way or they carry out ungodly acts on their citizens and create concentration camps to carry out genocide on their own people it seems to me that politicians are busy filling their pockets with the Chinese gold and willing to look away but people have been murdered on Mass in China

  10. The Chinese threaten the West why they carry out acts of humanity on the people of Hong Kong arresting many of them and taking them to come and placing them in concentration camps and the Western pop the politician say nothing once again I suppose this is the type of Roisin they want in their own country or anyone who questions the establishment and disappear in the middle of the night like they do in China

  11. So China has a problem with human rights and has committed crimes against humanity in Hong Kong. Now China is basically is messing with around in Caribbean countries and African counties that a long history of genocide, eugenics and slavery. China has a history of anti-black problems in its country. In China, they do not even show Black panther face when the movie was shown?

  12. I wonder if China understands Caribbean history? They are messing now with Caribbean people adding to their suffering? according to the article or news site called " Jamaica has China to thank for much-needed infrastructure — but some locals say it has come at a price" written by Tiffany Foxcroft.
    Google" When will Britain face up to its crimes against humanity?"
    Google" Ilhan Omar: America Must Recognize Crimes Against Humanity, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Native American Genocide"

  13. google" Jamaica has China to thank for much-needed infrastructure — but some locals say it has come at a price"
    Transatlantic slave trade and every religion played in the Caribbean now China?
    Google" History of Dutch Jews Role in Slavery Is Bluntly Depicted
    by Menachem Wecker"
    Google" Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis: We must all fight slavery"

  14. LOL all you people who are saying we should end the relationship and take a tougher stance on China are insane and do not understand much of anything to do with the world. I f you think life in Canada is already expensive, you wait when you're not getting your products from China anymore. you'll be paying $5000 for your beloved iPhone. I suggest you get on your hands and knees and apologize to China, to keep maintaining your Walmart and Canadian Tire shelves full HAHA

  15. All these are unnecessary! Why can't US mind their own bizness? Their action will cause more n more countries to hate them. As it is Canada has faced China's wrath before, dun start again n follow US blindly.

  16. oh no, another stern warning from Winnie the Pooh. Still waiting for any so-called serious consequences. China is a paper dragon.

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