China's Old Han Army is GREAT! AoE III

China’s Old Han Army is GREAT! AoE III

Here is a 4v4 with China! Continuing our journey with China, we see how they are with the Old Han army. I am a fan! The Old Han reforms are super effective, and, as you can see, do an amazing job!


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Age of Empires III © Microsoft Corporation. China’s Old Han Army is GREAT!! AoE III was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires III, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.
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41 Replies to “China's Old Han Army is GREAT! AoE III”

  1. Not bad but you should really take advantage of china's livestock potential more, they are the best at it, they can get set up where they are never low on food and to the point where you barely even need paddies.

  2. China is actually a crazy good civ. The thing is they are all about hard counters. They dont have anything close to a musket unit which will still do mediocre against things its weak against. Chinese xbow will melt most inf. And believe it or not with a melee cav front line keshik are actually very effective. Not to mention Steppe riders they are so useful and its good to know youll always have cav on the field.

  3. I find playing as China the hardest civ the banner armies just suck to be honest I hate having to get units I don’t want to get the ones I do want.

  4. wow if you and yellow weren't next to eachother they would have had a better chance but you guys destroyed them
    imagine if the noob was in the middle and/or if yellow got rushed and couldn't boom as well

  5. Yellow was just as bad if not worse than purple. All complaints and zero help. What's the point of going imperial and getting spies when you're just going to sit in the corner and provide zero support?

  6. Sorry to say this but for me Old Han army is trash, the best unit for China is Imperial army like Arquebuser, Iron Flair, Meteor Hammer and the most important Flame thrower. Flame thrower can dish mass infantry and artillery easily.

  7. Whenever I play china, I take the livestock shipment that gives 300% gathering rate. It's also really nice if you get some domesticated animals from start.

  8. How is it that you have such a different user interface than my version of AOE 3? Also I am seeing more than just the usual "Idle villager notification" in the top left. I have been playing this game for 14 years and have never seen that before. What are those other notifications? I'm so confused.

  9. IMO China is the worst civ in industrial age ( except indians ) because of the weak units compared to other civs, arent they?

  10. The villages don't really look like Chinese housing, and the old Han army doesn't look like a Chinese army at all. Also, Cho Ko Nu was used in war, but not that often. Chinese troops use a wide range of crossbows which are a lot more powerful than Cho Ko Nu. And the weird thing is China don't have cannon only mortar… China's main firearm was also hand-guns, arquebus and cannons… The whole army composition is a bit weird. I hope they can do it right in the future.

  11. Where are you playing? ESO or fan patch (which?)? And how many players online on yours? I'm playing TAD on ESO for Europe and it peaks at like 2k I think…

  12. Why not age up with 20 villy wonder later on instead of flying crow? You could get a 119 villy pop which is amazing toward eco

  13. Keshik is likely the worst anti cav in the game since they cost wood but not doing so much dmg vs cav like Gendarme

  14. Sam, do you know you can switch the type of army your wonder makes?
    You always leave it on the default but only make old han units, its bugging my OCD

  15. I personally play as China a lot. The Northern Refugees card is good but I like to send the free trading post wagon as my first card so I get extra shipments in age 2 (Summer Palace). Once I get to age 2 I send the Mongolian Scourage card and 7 Steppes back to back while making a barracks with a standard army and having the palace on standard army (initially). That Mongolian Scourage card basically makes your Steppes almost like Russian Opris. I like to ally with the French first and use the export for their 300 resource crates, Germans 2nd for the trickles, Russians in Age IV for the factory, and after that either Brits or Germans. The Beiyang card (1000 food) is good to have in Age III because not only do you get 8 Steppes and 8 Keshiks it also upgrades both to Age 3 units.

  16. Hey very good game! I would like to see you try a halberdier strat with the dutch if you dont have one already it be intresting to see

  17. Are you going to be online any this weekend? Still haven't had a chance to play a game with you, but I know you are sporadic with school and stuff.

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