Chinese Overview AoE2

Overview of the Chinese bonuses, unique unit, and tech tree from Age of Empires 2.

1:00 Farms have +45 food (team bonus)
2:28 Start with +3 villagers
5:25 Technologies cheaper
6:10 Town centers support 10 population
6:33 Demolition ships +50% HP
Video on demo ships in general:
7:35 Chu Ko Nu stats and attack (Unique unit)
8:40 Elite Chu Ko Nu upgrade
9:38 Chu Ko Nu vs Crossbow hidden stuff
10:30 Chu Ko Nu and Crossbow effectiveness vs a variety of units
12:05 Chu Ko Nu vs buildings
12:30 Saracen team bonus hype
12:47 Rocketry (unique tech)
13:28 Rocketry vs Elite Chu Ko Nu upgrade
13:55 Scorpions with rocketry
15:00 HD Expansion changes
16:45 Archers A-
17:06 Infantry B+
17:27 Cavalry B
17:52 Siege B
18:30 Navy B (B- early, B+ late)
19:05 Monks A-
19:27 Defences B+ (A- in expansions)
19:53 Economy B-
20:40 My final thoughts



Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires and African Kingdom expansions

Thanks go to Chtyl Dubreux for the subtitles.


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40 Replies to “Chinese Overview AoE2”

  1. I get more and more appreciation of AOE the more I learn about history. I've only recently figured out that Chu Ko Nu = Zhuge Nu = Zhuge Liang's Repeating Crossbow. What amazing history has been gifted to us since the 1990s from this franchise!

  2. I think you should make new civilization overviews because of all the different updates that has happened over the years.

  3. I'm not super hardcore at the game but I used to play man with friends a lot. I would smash out food and resources fast and hope I'd sneak around the other guys fighting. Once I got big my Friends would Come to attack. I'd have huge stockpiles and usually relatively advanced with many farms and used the unique archers and draw the others into a cross fire of ranged castles and towers. And some cavalry to knock people out if they closed in and pikemen against cavalry. Oh yeah and trebuchet because I'd usually build walls and liked popping them behind lines to knock out buildings and unit clusters while my armies stood their ground

  4. A problem with the video: the english subtitles have a weird thing going on at 4:04, maybe a second before, in which it restarts and shows all the text so far up to when it catches up with what he's saying at 5:02. Not sure if I'm the only one seeing this.

  5. Are there any changes for Chinese on the Definitive Edition?

    Also, I want to say I recently subbed to your channel. Great content mate!

  6. Considering the population annihilating famines in the history of Chinese centralized empires, -200 food is underrepresentating.

  7. Just had a 3v3 where my allies resigned in dark age. I thought my Teutonic Knights were doing good against archers until the Chinese player showed up.

  8. “The Chinese is a thinking civilization”

    The Vietnamese: *doubt
    The Japanese: *doubt
    The Russian: *doubt
    The Mongolian: *doubt

  9. the 6 villagers with less wood and food is the equivalent of giving someone a gun but taking away the hand they fire with.

  10. The 1453 siege of Constantinople was thanks to one of the largest cannons ever created by humans, Basilica.

    "I can cast a cannon of bronze with the capacity of the stone you want. I have examined the walls of the city in great detail. I can shatter to dust not only these walls with the stones from my gun, but the very walls of Babylon itself." -Orban, Hungarian siege engineer

  11. i was introduced to aoe2 around 15 years ago and i just realized today that the team bonus applies to all of your allies as well.

  12. Whoa hold the emissary! You're telling me that although the Ottomans had a huge cannon, a huge fleet, a huge gathering of eunucs and huge hats they managed to capture holy glorious megaloloponis of Constantine the Nople because someone forgot to lock the gate after parking the horses!?

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