Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Diver REVIEW! – Best diving watch under $200!

Reference: BN0151-09L.
In today’s review I talk about my opinions of the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive diving watch. For around 150 USD I didn’t have high expectations for it but it turns out it’s so much better than I thought it would be. It really is a bargain and anybody on the fence about it should just go right ahead and buy it. Yes, it’s that good.


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23 Replies to “Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Diver REVIEW! – Best diving watch under $200!”

  1. Well made, quality timepiece. Mine is still within two seconds after three or four months. (I don’t change the date because I can’t see it anyway!)

  2. Like you, I was a bit disappointed with the stock band. However, I did find a great dive band option at Barton Watch Band – the Navy Blue|Elite Silicone, for $20 (

  3. I own the same watch , with the exception of the bezel , the watch is perfect . I dive and I can tell you that rotating the bezel is a pain . I with the indentation were continuous and not interrupted .

  4. I have it, and love it. I bought different zulu straps that i rotate as i please. I like them more than the nato ones for this watch.

  5. I have had one for some time and agree its a great watch. You can get a steel bracelet or I like one piece zulu straps too.

  6. Have you found any rubber straps that fits the Citizen springbars? Most rubber straps and thick natos won't fit my bn0200 because of them, and replacing them with too thin/normal ones might damage the case in the long run 😕

  7. It's a great looking watch and my only reason of holding back of getting one is the case size. What's your wrist size?

  8. I do have a lot of watches, but i must have this one too. I wil buy it, although I have to pay more for buying in the EU. Unbelievable that Citizen can offer this much quality under 200 Euro.

  9. Best value diver watch on the market. Get a metal bracelet for it and you have all you need. Get the amazon screen protector for the crystal. Great watch and great customer service.

  10. Nice reivew of a nice watch :)! I have the black dialed version on a sailcloth strap with orange stitching. It gives the watch a more premium feel.

  11. I have this watch. Here's what I did to make it more liveable: First – order a crystal protector (invisible stick on over the crystal) from Amazon. The crystal is mineral, will scratch. Protector fixes that nicely. Second – the strap. Ugh. I shortened the one end, simply too long. Then I boiled the strap and softened it up while it was hot. Much better. With these three changes, now it's a great watch.

  12. I really like mine but i had to put a 22mm silicone band on it. Couldnt handle the tapering to 18mm at buckle. The 20mm nato looks ok on it also.
    If the lugs were 22mm on that it would be Ideal ⏰

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