Delete Cydia, Restore Without Updating & Re-Jailbreak iOS 10.2 iPhone, iPad (No Computer)

How to Restore/Remove Jailbreak without Updating & Re-Jailbreak
iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch No computer
Cydia Repo’s
Coolstar: repo:
JailbreakHub: repo:
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44 Replies to “Delete Cydia, Restore Without Updating & Re-Jailbreak iOS 10.2 iPhone, iPad (No Computer)”

  1. Hello Guys! I Highly Recommend ONLY using Stashing From the Cool Star repo to do this, for those running iOS 9.3.3 Use Cydia Eraser to restore without updating & re-jailbreak. Enjoy 😉

  2. iOS 9.3.2, Used Cydia eraser and it only removed the Cydia icon from my screen, now I'm screwed and can't use Cydia to restore everything and I still have the tweaks and stuff. Used the Pangu 9 jailbreak without a computer. what do I do?

  3. Uninstalled prior Stashing to use default one and it installed but crashed Cydia ;O But did a reinstall and no errors.

  4. I want to delete cydia because for some reason I can't get any service and that's why I want to delete cydia and all it's tweaks I downloaded but if there is a way to get my service back then please tell me how to fix it

  5. I had jailbreak my iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.3 and for some reasons I have reset the iPhone …. even after setting up a new iPhone.. cydia is still there and it's crashing … i want to get rid of cydia completely… pls help me out

  6. Does this work on ios 11.1? I wanted to jailbreak my device on 11.1 jailbreak. But wanted to remove it when i tested it.. pls help thanks 🙂

  7. Hey dude, I have iOS 9.3.2 and I jailbroke it but resetted it now I can't jailbreak it as cydia doesn't install after installing pangu… what do I do?

  8. I used a source called cydia remover or something like that and now when i try to jailbreak With yalu cydia is not appear, plz help!!!

  9. hi there! i just deed all this but my iphone just restored. but how come i can still see cydia on my phone but its not working..any help? thank yot

  10. Can somebody help me I downloaded the second source but it doesn't show any tweaks for it . Jailbreakhub doesn't work

  11. I didn´t work for me, I still have the cydia icon what can I do? Ive tired everything, even the dfu mode and nothing, I just cant errase cydia, anemone etc…. HELPP ME please!!!

  12. hey so i went through the whole process and everything went well. but cydia icon still remains along with some other tweaks i had installed. im on 10.2. and also some of my apps still recognizes it to be jailbroken. help please 😀

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