Digimon ReArise – Brand New Phoenixmon Summon & Banner Review!

Digimon ReArise – Brand New Phoenixmon Summons & Review!



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15 Replies to “Digimon ReArise – Brand New Phoenixmon Summon & Banner Review!”

  1. I decided to do a multi for ShineGreymon and got him first multi then a multi on Phoenixmons banner and got him too 😂

  2. I got the exact same single summon (the deft non mega agumon) looool. As for my multi, none of them were rainbow at first but 1 turned into a rainbow orb and gave me princemame (which I won't use cause mehhh).

  3. 👏 Dfree 👏 banner 👏 reviews 👏
    #krillinit 🔥 🔥 🔥 literally (cough discord in the description of the video cough) 😉

  4. I've already decided I'll be hoarding in this game to only roll on step-up summons, or the day Blackwargreymon/Blitzgreymon finally arrive.

  5. hi dfree here you can see the schedule of the jp version
    also i think next banner will be miragegaogamon but who knows it could be rusttyranomon !

  6. After the super shaft on shinegreymon (and since I'm not a fan of Phoenixmon) I'm skipping. I'm saving for the veemon line gallatmon/cm, omni, and dyns

  7. Didnt really care for phoenixmon but i skipped the last few banners and got the summoning itch. Ended up getting em first pull😅

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