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10 Replies to “Doraemon 2: SOS! Otogi no Kuni – Stage 1 (all) walkthrought”

  1. Somehow, why the songs feel different than what I played before? Nobita's first stage song in this video supposed to be Doraemon's first stage song when I played.

    Anyway, did you get 100%? I completed all the stages, beat the witch last boss, and somehow, only get 70%. I didn't get all the extra weapons though.

  2. I forgot this game has lots of great music. Also I don't remember if I have ever beaten it as a kid or not. Looking forward for the next part.

  3. Wow, a game two decades ago. I've played that when I was young, but couldn't find it on Emuparadise. Try Google it. I've played that for a while but dunno why there's no music, only sounds.

    The overall gameplay is similar to Super Mario Bros, harder but no time limit.

    2:15 Doraemon (Urashima Taro)
    4:59 Nobita (Momotaro)
    9:02 Shizuka (Little Red Riding Hood)
    12:18 Gian (Issun-bōshi)
    13:25 Suneo (Jack & the Beanstalk)

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