Dota Basics Episode 1: This is Dota

You’re actually limited to the easiest 25 heroes for the first 20 games or something. A workaround for that is to find your ‘command’ hotkey (I believe the standard is ”)
Then press that hotkey and enter:
“dota_new_player false” or “dota_new_player 0”
It should allow you to pick any hero from game 1. The hero

Also, this is kind of a rip-off of valve’s this is dota. 1st real episode out later today

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48 Replies to “Dota Basics Episode 1: This is Dota”

  1. If you already have 100+ games I recommend checking the Learn Dota series(Still being made):

    Or if you have a lot of time you can look through the Day9 learns dota series.


  2. My brother is 22 and he plays dota
    I have never played in pc with him but he plays mostly dota 2
    It tells something that he has 2700+ hours in it and i really want to play with him so i am starting dota 2 now

    Nobody probally cares but i just wanted to say it

  3. Hey Purge! I'm starting watching this series. I know recently Dota got a HUGE update. Are you going to made a corrected version or maybe provide a list of the things needed to change of the video? Thanks.

  4. I don't like playing dota due to the movement using mouse clicks. LoL is the same and i dont play it either. They should make the "movement" more like World of Warcraft.

  5. First match after installing and not even knowing how to attack: I follow my teammates and after 30 seconds they say “sf go mid” and I have no fucking idea what that meant so I asked him and the whole team got toxic and started saying some fucked up racist and sexist shit and then I got 4 reports so when I tried to que for next match hoping I won’t get a lobby of tryhards, It says that I cannot que for excessive reports so I uninstall… 0/10 game worse than r6 in terms of toxicity WOULD NEVER PLAY AGAIN

  6. Im a lol player and dota 2 is sooo confusing, i dont know what to build i domt know where to go and stuff like that, when i play league of legends the first time i didnt have any trouble with it

  7. Haven't played since ti 3 and previously played dota on WC3. Got on today after a 6 yr hiatus and got owned by 5, apparently 7"10 fight you right now 13 yr olds. Apparently everyone is still 7'10 and 450 lbs

  8. Thanks I uninstalled a long time ago but I really want to get back into the game somehow because people say it's reall good

  9. I went into a match and quickly found out this game is just as toxic as league. There were some extra elements adding a degree of complexity, but I find that complexity is unnecessary. Like having to juggle while playing chess, it proves no real tangible skill. Most of it. I left League because its so quick to ban players and reset their progress. If this game is the same, I'll quickly move on.

  10. LOL Purge acting all cool and all when the dude said he was gonna masturbate to his voice. Admit it Purge, you like it!
    Would you perhaps be eligible to coach a crusader ? LoL

  11. got banned from lol for FLAMING, now i will find dota. thank god they banned me, wasted so much time and money on that game on a single champ and still cant carry those idiots

  12. I've only played Dota for about 3 hours before quitting. This is my first MOBA and I had absolutely no idea what I was meant to do, what was going on etc. etc. etc. I hope this series helps me out on what to do. Thanks for making the series, Purge. 🙂

  13. thank you so much for explaining me what I don't understand what take my bf attention his load of time thank you thank you

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