Downloading PS4 Games

Learn how easy it is to download digital PS4 games. This includes content purchased from the PlayStation Store and content obtained through code redemption.

Check out these videos to learn more about PS4 downloads.

To learn about PS4 Automatic Downloads, visit

To learn about Pre-Ordering PS4 games, visit

To learn about Troubleshooting PS4 Downloads, visit


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44 Replies to “Downloading PS4 Games”

  1. I’m literally so mad because the stupid instructions make no senseAnd I totally just paid $40 for a game and I haven’t got it

  2. If i have a game disc but want to download the ps4 store version do i have to delete the disc download in order to get online download? How does it work?

  3. Why doesn't the mobile app have a library function? It's annoying that it doesn't. Using the store on the mobile app to download is a hit or miss mess whether or not it will let you download it or not. This needs fixed. Also what's annoying is that when I search through the store content via the PS4, when I back out of an item I am viewing such as a trailer or details of a game, it takes me back to the top of the main page. Will you please fix this store. It's pretty poor quality

  4. Sony I am having a hard time with the ps store and would like some problem is that games like assassins creed aren’t popping up on the store while other people see assassins creed on there store.i would like a fix to this problem.

  5. Una duda: Aún no tengo comprada una consola PS4 pero sí tengo comprado el Driveclub + DriveClub Bikes + todos sus dlc's en mi perfil digital de PlayStation, igual podré descargar todo a pesar de que el videojuego ya fue retirado de la tienda ?

  6. Hola sere el unico que hable en español utilizar google traductor he comprado un juego desde el playstation store ese juego se basa en capitulos y yo los compre todos pero el ultimo capitulo el 5 no se encuentra en la tienda por ello me habeis robado me gustaria que lo metieran (el juego) es life is strange 2 episode 5 por favor meterlo

  7. Hi
    Serious question
    Ive just bought GtA5
    And its dowloading but says 25hours left to install
    But we going away tomorrow for a week
    Will it download if ps4 is off or am i coming home to unfinished download

  8. Well i accidentally deleted mine instead of hitting resume download and couldn't figure out how to even find the game i purchased..u showed that it was in the library..thanks!

  9. Download games on your PS4 by downloading them. Tremendous effort in teaching the masses some long-forgotten secret there Sony.

  10. I think your console sucks, I did not build a $4000 computer to play PC games to only be denied for a year time to play spec ops in modern warfare. You people are thieves!

  11. Content manager for the PlayStation 4 for the next update PlayStation everybody been waiting for this day for a long time

  12. i buy add on for assetto corsa but cant download them showed me that message (this content cannot be selevted at this time) what should i do i try evei thing but nothing happen

  13. Hey playstation support I've just a bought a ps4 and i don't know how to turn it on… can you please do a tutorial for me?

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