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46 Replies to “Dream VS Dream | RENJUN VS CHENLE”

  1. Renjun's "from this concept, favourite song would be "Boom" but Chenle doesn't care about this stuff". I always liked Renjun' free thinking

  2. I was just watching the Chinese Version of Chewing gum and look how much they've grown. It is kinda weird seeing two Chinese friends speaking in Korean. I can understand if they converse in English but China is so close to Korea, like "SOME CHINESE PLEASE" for the boys… SM? You get what I am saying right

  3. Renjun's voice is just too good to resist. It's so calm and relaxing. I would hear his podcast whatever language he speak even though i wouldn't understand it

  4. Боже, кто и когда успел сделать сабы? Это прекрасно!!! Спасибо большое ♥♥♥♥❤❤❤

  5. 중국인인데 한국어로 진행하고 있는…
    천러는 중간에 중국어가 나와서 쉽게 알 수 있었는데 런쥔은 처음에 진짜 예명을 중국식으로 지은 한국인인줄 알았어요(엑소 중에 실제로 그런 경우가 있어서…)

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