Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation

In his newest live presentation, Dr. Greger offers a sneak peek into his new book How Not to Diet.
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I’m so excited to be bringing you my new live presentation!
I used to do annual reviews of the medical literature, but that was before the success of How Not to Die ( Realizing just how many people (and in 33 languages!) I’m now able to reach with my books, I set out to write a new book every three years. The downside is that now I’m just barely able to keep up making new videos for NutritionFacts.org and so I just have time to create one new presentation per book. This one, I am proud to announce, is based on my upcoming book How Not to Diet ( which comes out next month.
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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM
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41 Replies to “Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation”

  1. It's been a couple of years since I released a video of my live presentation. I hope you enjoyed in this one! You can pre-order How Not to Diet here – https://nutritionfacts.org/how-not-to-diet.

  2. Wow! This talk has most definitely blown the idea of a vegan lifestyle up the skirt of this omnivore! Absolutely, fascinating.

  3. Now I have this to help me and I can watch it any time – there is s much to take away from this presentation to use straight off. Plus I will use the website. I have always said a calorie is not a calorie it seemed to be different for different people. The explanation of the science in this presentation is music to my ears. Wow being someone who did the atkinson in my late teens to get rid of 10lbs and then couldn't keep weight off, I portion controlled and tried all sorts of diets and ate less and less . AND YEP I gained more and more. Finally in a week that the Dr has invited me to join a study to establish… if the use of online diet apps improves weight loss…. I have an answer with the explanations on why I stacked weight on at an alarming weight in my late 30's. After a long period of significant food reduction at 800 calories. The moment I increased it to 1000 as i didn't feel well, it flew back on at a rate faster than 1400 calories a week. Since then well same old story I never found what i needed to actually reset my body to be able to drop the weight. Here is science and THE LOW COST SOLUTION! Huge thank you Dt Greger !!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful, easy to follow break down of the latest research. I look forward to the new book and will continue to share all your work with anyone who will listen.

  5. You cannot go wrong with veggies! We got the power 💪 thanks to Dr. Greger’s and his team’s literature survey works! 👏

  6. Monday – 11am half papaya and a big salad,
    5pm other half papaya and a big bowl of veg and some soaked chia seeds.

    Rest of week resume normal whole food plant based diet at a very small calorie deficit but try hit all targets on cronometer.

  7. We do know about the "best" solution to obesity – meat, fat, and butter in your coffee! Oh, you mean that's just a pile of BS brought to you by the animal food industries? No – you don't say…

  8. WFPB since October 2018. No more meat, no more cheese, no more diary, no more oil, no more refined wheats and sugars = no more dieting, no more stress, no more dentist, no more doctors, no more nausia, no more foginess, no more tiredness, no more pills.

  9. at 41:58 what he shows and says is simply false information given.. In the article he shows it clearly says glucose WITH protein.
    Quote from the study. "Type II diabetic subjects were given 50g protein, 50g glucose, or 50g glucose with 50g protein"

  10. I am sure that the information he is speaking about is spot on, but his voice is too annoying for us to listen to. He needs speech therapy.

  11. Great video! As all of Dr Greger’s are… just one question though… black cumin…I don’t know whether it is kalongi, an onion family black seed or the seed that tastes rather like fennel but are darker in colour and purchased at an Indian grocer as black cumin seed….unfortunately no botanical name was on the packet. Can anyone shed light on which one Dr Greger is referring to please?

  12. I love Dr. Greger like anything! He's a living Saint….and such a darling, quirky personality. He's the whole package, brilliant, humanitarian, funny, wise, kind….LOVES ANIMALS….and cute too!!! Greger for President!

  13. I need this book as audiobook in german! Peeaaase! Make it happen somehow. Not for me for my loved ones. Me telling them isn't the same as them discovering it themselfs.

  14. Vegan morons! Silly tslk sounds like a fake preacher!!! Being vegan has nothing to do with it. It is the reduction on calories, sugar snd high glycemic carbs. There is enough evidence that a low carb high fat diet wotks as well. Eat your fat and meat at low carb and enjoy.

  15. He is a scammer …. Don't believe in his bullshit.. if you want to lose weight just quit carbs and eat fat….. This seminar is a total scam… Search for keto diet you will reverse your age and be young forever.

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