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37 Replies to “-Farcry 4 how to fix Save Problem and recover Lost Campaign Progress- (PC)”

  1. Bruh I have done everything u have said and it worked… But after completing a mission I pressed " save "option and after that I quit the game. … After that.. The "continue" option in the main menu was gone again… Except "start new game "and play .. Any solution??

  2. I did all the things I download the saved file and pasted it in profiles but still I didn’t got back my lost saved file. Please advise

  3. Thanks brother. It worked 100 percent. And for those who dont have profile folder, should try to create one and see the outcome.

  4. Thanks man……very very helpful….I was about to delete the game because I played it again and again thinking it won't happen next time

  5. TO ANYONE WHO THIS DIDN'T HELP: Try playing the prologue again, it should make you a profile file and a safefile, and then just paste ur old savefile with exactly the same name, it should do it. If it doesn't, or u don't have the original savefile, i'm sorry.

  6. Install the game again but turn off the firewall and real time scanning settings in antivirus

    Or play game till 2 checkpoints

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