FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Graphics Comparison (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

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FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Player Faces Real Madrid:

FIFA 19 4K 60 FPS Gameplay:

FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Faces PSG:

FIFA 19 Free Kick Tutorial:

PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 Graphics and Gameplay Comparison:

PES 2019 Amazing Realism 4K 60 FPS:

FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Penalty Kicks:

FIFA 19 Official Player Ratings:

PES 2019 4K 60 FPS Gameplay Barcelona vs Liverpool

FUT Champions Rage Quit:

FUT Champions Grand Final:

Bayern Munich Players play FIFA 17:


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27 Replies to “FIFA 19 vs PES 2019 Graphics Comparison (Xbox One, PS4, PC)”

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  2. I like fifa, but there are something that pes really caught my attention, the size of the ball, using the very same camera, the size of the ball looks perfect in pes than in fifa, in fifa it looks a bit smaller…and then the player's movements, pes's players are more solid, strong and heavy, standing well on the pitch even when running, but fifa's player kind of look very light, like they are not properly touching the grass/pitch when walking or running with the ball, when player is running and shoot the ball, the transition between running and kicking the ball in fifa looks a bit weird, like few frames are missing, player is sliding a bit before taking a kick, but in pes it's smoother, player runs, you can clearly count his footsteps and then shoot, the transition is clear and smooth…i think EA needs to look at those little points and improve them.

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