Fire Emblem Heroes – Sothis Mythic Banner Review [FEH]

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In this video, I do a review of the Mythic Banner featuring Sothis as the new Mythic Hero, Legendary Marth, Male Byleth, Legendary Azura, Fjorm, Hot Springs Hoshido, Legendary Hector, Legendary Lyn, Valentine Greil, Legendary Alm, Caineghis and Eir.

Timestamps for convenience:

✦ Mythic Sothis Review – 0:00
✦ Fjorm – 10:26
✦ Legendary Lyn – 11:11
✦ Legendary Hector – 12:23
✦ Legendary Marth – 13:02
✦ Eir – 13:47
✦ Legendary Azura – 14:53
✦ Hot Springs Ryoma – 15:53
✦ Valentine Greil – 16:29
✦ Caineghis – 17:26
✦ Legendary Alm – 18:40
✦ Male Byleth – 19:37
✦ Final Verdict on this Mythic Banner – 20:45


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31 Replies to “Fire Emblem Heroes – Sothis Mythic Banner Review [FEH]”

  1. I mean, if a unit without Guard attacks, she just… counters with a Wrath-boosted special for something like 23 true damage plus whatever she'd be doing and restoring 30% of that as HP. That's certainly good enough for me. It's kind of like Legendary Ike.

  2. Time's Pulse does stack with other skills special charge granting skills that trigger at the start of the turn. This means that, when she's in Wrath range, she gains 2 special charges at the start of the turn. While I was typing that, I just realized that those two skills with a 2 cooldown special, or a 3 cooldown special on someone with a slaying weapon, is the perfect counter to the Witchy Wand staff.

  3. Oh my lord, i just got 20 orbs from missions, and spend it all to obtain: Sothis AND Byleth(M), im just another lucky bastard 8)

  4. This banner was a roller-coaster for me.

    First I got an Eir. Haven't decided what to do with her.

    Then an extra Legendary Marth (I always summon at least one Legendary/Mythic hero at their debut banner). I merged him to fix bad IVs.

    Then got an extra Caineghis. Merged to fix bad IVs as well.

    Then finally Sothis. -HP, +RES. Not going to complain with the IVs. At least I got her.

  5. (Spoilers for 3 Houses)

    So she’s tiki right? Haven’t seen any spoilers for three houses but just from the fact she doesn’t transform and she looks similar to her I can tell.

  6. Yaaaaaaaaay! More heroes to the 5* pool and yet no fucking demotions! Good job,IS 😀 you sure know how to make players happy!

  7. And so far on her banner within 23 ish orbs I got L!Marth I merged into my other +Spd Marth and A +Spd Eir (My third Eir) and merged into her… So now I have a Neutral and a merged +Spd Eir…

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