Freebird App Review for Rideshare Drivers (Promo Code: RSG)

RSG contributor Joe reviews Freebird and shares with us how rideshare drivers can earn additional income by referring their passengers to the Freebird’s cashback app and provides a tutorial on how to sign up for the Freebird referral program!

Download Freebird:

Freebird promo code: RSG

Free marketing templates:

Free back of seat flyer template:

Free business card template:

Shortcuts app (for iPhone):
How to use Shortcuts app: From the Freebird app, go to “Invite & Get Cash”, and click “Invite Friends”. Then copy the message and from your Uber or Lyft app, share this message with the passenger. Then go to the shortcuts app and create a shortcut by looking at your recent actions.

More information about this referral program:

Freebird app review:


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10 Replies to “Freebird App Review for Rideshare Drivers (Promo Code: RSG)”

  1. 👉Download Freebird here:
    Learn more about this exclusive referral program here:
    Freebird app review:
    bonus offer. never pay full price for gas again by downloading this app:

  2. Hey RSG how did you do that shortcut to send message to rider? Can you make a video on how to do that?
    I’m trying to do that with uber but it only gives me an option to create a shortcut to go online

  3. Also, do I need to ask a rider to link to Uber with my code plus link to Lyft with my code (2 separate actions)? Some use both platforms

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