Freetrade Review | Best UK Investment App? | Zero Fees

The Freetrade Platform reviewed – In this video were going to review Freetrade to find out whether you should be using this revolutionary investment app. Let’s check it out…

If you’re not careful your investment pot can be decimated by platform fees and trading fees amongst other charges.

Well all that is beginning to change with the introduction of zero-fee, that’s right, ZERO-fee investment platforms such as Freetrade, Trading 212 and even more on the way. You can now invest completely for free!

The US has been the leader in this market disruption when Robinhood entered the scene in 2013 but us UK investors were still left paying sky-high platform and trading fees until relatively recently.

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25 Replies to “Freetrade Review | Best UK Investment App? | Zero Fees”

  1. Hi guys. Good video.
    Quick question as i am new to investing. As dividends are paid out quarterly or annually usually, are these paid straight into you bank account or will they normally credit your trading app?
    Cheers Charlie

  2. Had 2 instances when they didn't put through my orders.. lost out both times.. even though I done it at 3:30pm.. also if you do many transactions they slow to process.. still they great platform others charge and with Freetrade it's minimum £1 Trades although even then you can lose money with small amounts..

  3. Really interesting review. I've actually been signed up a while and really enjoying its simple approach. If anyone wants to sign up you can use my referral link: and get a free share (just need to deposit £1.00 but can withdraw it after you get the share).

  4. If you didn't sign up already drop me a message & I'll give you a referral link…if you sign up via the link then we both receive a random, free share. From £0.08 to £200

  5. You do set a maximum price on Freetrade, I’ve been using it for 12 months and if the shares rise above the agreement then it gets rejected. If I set say £100 to buy 10 shares in X company and by 4pm £100 will only buy 9 shares the transaction gets rejected. You should probably test it out 🤣🤣

  6. How do you do your research? It would take a long time for a novice to find what is doing well searching all the stock values

  7. Hey.. ✌️if the price was to go up around 4pm your order will no go through as ya did not offer enough cash so ya 💥DONT pay any more then you offer guys get it right 🔍🔍

  8. I have been trialling Freetrade for just over 3 months in order to teach my 11 year old how to buy stocks.
    I don’t think I would have been successful without using my primary platform alongside it for checking detailed data etc.

    It’s lots of fun to use and so, so easy – this in itself makes it a little dangerous and I would be happier if they would make the default setting on the app without the £1 fee. This will catch out many not very observant / novice investors.

    To utilise it successfully – I place my free order at 3.45 pm when a good quality stock has been priced down all day since the start of trading.
    That’s not a completely ‘ risk free ‘ strategy but it’s worked so far…..🤞💷💷💷

    16 % up after 3 months – mainly due to Gold Stocks bought before they shot up in value.

    Great Video – hope you are right Andy & Ben about Freetrade driving down costs on other platforms 😊👍

  9. Use this link to get free share, but you would have to top up your account and complete w8ben form You should sign up to Freetrade! It’s this app you can use to invest for free. Plus, when you sign up, we both get a free share – might be Apple or Tesla!

  10. I’m currently using Freetrade alongside my original legacy broker. All my new investments go on Freetrade as it’s cheaper, the apps easier to use and they’ll innovate over time

  11. I opened the account but I won’t move my investments too. I believe that they have tons of potential though and that’s why I decided to fund them with a small fee @Crowdcube

  12. Great review video. I actually covered the comparison between Robinhood and Freetrade on my channel

  13. From my experience you set your price for the 4pm trade. Should the price have gone up then the trade gets rejected. No danger of spending way more than expected.

  14. I'll be signing up but the majority of my money will remain in my fidelity account. I'll use this for some riskier plays. Great video 🙂

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