GameFun TV – KOTH K2S3

Challenge the GM Rules:
– We will announce the Custom room password in GameFunTv live channel,those players that intent to join us will go in our room and having the match in shuffle mode.
-GameFunTV Youtube link :
– Players on the winning Team get USD5 each.
– Players who participate will also receive a 7 day Hero Redemption Card
– Players may only participate Once per Day.
– Players will need a paypal account to receive their prizes.
– Winners of the event, kindly feel up your details into this form ” so we may transfer the prize into you PayPal account. If your details are not in by the end of the week, you will forfeit your prize.

Calibur of Spirit is a upcoming MOBA with the traditional 5v5 format with additional new modes PVE which is similar to Raid modes in MMORPG!

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King of the Hill is a weekly online tournament held every Friday currently from 8:30pm till it ends.

Interested to participate?

Video Bracket:


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