Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing and Full Review- Are They Worth The Price?

Some of you might have already pulled the trigger and bought a pair, or you have been sitting in your shopping cart for months because you can’t bring yourself to spend $500 on sneakers.
In this video, I will be doing a full review of Golden Goose Sneakers, going over the style, sizes and the price of the shoes. Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian high fashion sneaker brand based in Venice, Italy. I know the Golden Goose is definitely on the higher side and $500 for sneakers is a lot, but are they really worth the money?

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7 Replies to “Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing and Full Review- Are They Worth The Price?”

  1. I just got my 3rd pair and i love them so much. The heel fits so nicely with my high arch. Im pretty ocd with shoes and with them already worn out I don’t have to worry about scuffs and marks. My husband was asking why i had to spend so much on worn out dirty shoes,so i got him a pair too! So far he’s loving his! I wear mine every weekend and can never go back to basic nike’s!

  2. I bought a pair and wore them my feet killed with blisters I wonder if I gotta t hem too small??!! I’m afraid if I get a bigger size they will be too big!!

  3. I bought my first pair (pink Boucle) after lusting after them for months. They arrived yesterday and I put them on immediately and wore them around the house with no issues. I went to the mall to pick up a few things and after maybe 5 minutes of walking both of my heels were bloody and blistered. My toes were in pain and I couldn’t continue walking anymore until I removed the insole. These are beautiful, but they literally destroyed my feet. I don’t imagine I will want to put them on again anytime soon.

  4. I’ve just got my first pair and I love them. They are so comfy and I love the elevation in the heel. My friend has just sold her Gucci’s and bought GG and said they are so much more comfy x

  5. I LOVE these sneakers. They are THE MOST comfortable sneakers I have ever had including my workout shoes. There was absolutely no break in time needed. Thanks for the review.

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