Grand Floridian Cafe Dinner Review | Disney Dining Show | 05/10/19

In this episode join Pete, Fiasco, Eric & Mom at the Grand Floridian Cafe at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for a dinner review!

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22 Replies to “Grand Floridian Cafe Dinner Review | Disney Dining Show | 05/10/19”

  1. Mrs. Werner is a total joy & if her dance card weren't full she should star in every review!
    Y'all always do a great job : )

  2. I really loved this video, so funny and cute! I´m oficially a fan of everyone on that table, also I think I might have gotten two new crushes lol

  3. The Grand is a hidden gem for breakfast! I've had the fried chicken with kale salad (that "stuff" is kale) twice. Once, it was amazing. The second time, it was burnt. I have to say that both times I had it, the portion size was much much larger than Corey's. I could only eat half of it.

  4. I am going to correct corey :). Although the ice cream maybe vegan, I am assuming the apple crisp has butter in it which is not vegan. As a vegan I would probably just get the ice cream :))

  5. I ❤️Pete’s mom review of the plain pork chop! Loved her satisfaction with ice cream dessert. A little goes a long way 🤗

  6. Since the Plaza changed their menus the GFC has become a place that I really like to go for a more low key type meal. I actually prefer the breakfast there but would recommend it either way and they pretty much always have tables and you can get in quick if you want a last minute reservation.

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