Was asked a lot what mods I use. Here you go. Looking forward to more mods on the Steam Workshop! There’s also great stuff on the Nexus as well, but I just prefer using the Workshop only for now.

Portable MkII Turrets –
Faction Caravans –
Military Crossbowmen –
Holy Chestplate Blueprint –
Extended Campsite –
Cross Polearm –
Hydroponics Plus –
Immersive Furniture –
Moisture Farming –
Burning Prisoner Pole –
Peeler Machine –
Craftable Shackles –
Recruitable Error Skeletons –
Recruitable Prisoners SE Addition –
Minor Mesh Fixes –
Enhanced Shopping Economy –
Interior (And Exterior) Design –
Free The Hair –
Quiver –
Reactive World –
Copper Ore Drills –
Let’s Talk –
256 Recruitment Limit –
Recruitable Prisoners Full Mod –
Legendary Weapons –
Crucifixion –
Weight Bench –
Wooden Dexterity Dummy –
More Names! –
Faces Plus –
Skeleton Frame Cover –
Throne –


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42 Replies to “GREAT KENSHI MODS!”

  1. I cannot recuit again,i think there are only 30 people in my squad can i make some more like 50 people? I dunno why i can’t invite some more people to my faction

  2. "you can't have slaves" Excuse me but, if i can't have slaves, then what are these people i'm buying for their labor without pay or giving them a break?

  3. you never needed crossbowmen to run over the main factions in the game,just 20 dudees with 70+ to any wep and 70+ to toughness and defence…the game is easy if you build up 20 dudes and imo use katanas to lv70 then switch to hacker weps and you are OP can also train 5 dudes with just fists and be OP imo the crossbows suck dick cause ammo and shit

  4. I'll be doing a vanilla run threw, then it's strait to NEXUS to grab about 40 MODS.. I just hope my Windows 7 Home Premium and NVIDIA Graphics 342.01 GeForce 210 doesn't get disease and starve to death !!!

  5. Regarding the weight bench and dexterity mod, it's fairly easy to copy the mod from the steam workshop directory into the kenshi mods directory then use the kenshi creation kit (I forget the actual name of the .exe) to change its max effect to something lower that, player preference, that isn't cheaty.

    It's entirely reasonable that if you have your own militia you'd have a workout regimen for new recruits (ie, a more realistic version of manually running dudes around with ore filled bags.

    I chose weight bench over mining strength mod because I work out, so I can relate and also have control over people getting stronger without adding an economic benefit. But, getting stronger from mining definitely makes sense.

  6. I could use some help with the recruitable prisoner mod…

    I kidnapped a soldier drone (Western Hiver) but I cant talk to him… Do I need a Hiver to talk to him? Is my character too weak (50-ish stats vs prisoners 50-ish aswell)? I dont get what I am supposed to do…
    I first of all just want to know if they are even recruitable or only Southern Hivers…
    Also had a Hiver Caravan Leader locked up… couldnt talk to them either… I figured they might have been modded in though

  7. "Wait he runs windows 7!?" Boots up PC runs Kenshi and turns shadows on. Quickly realizes that windows 7 doesn't mean that his PC's specs are shit. F*ck!

  8. I found this game and thought it was amazing alone, but only some of the mechanics bothered me. Now I just found out there are mods that fix/help these exact mechanics 😍

  9. this game needs firearms, I don't mean modern types but more along the lines of muskets and poorly put together rifles., maybe even explosives like mines and grenades!

  10. Hey! Just to let you know you can train strength really fast by overloading your character and carrying a dead body while using martial arts. The exp rate stays around 80-90% as long as your encumbrance is topped out.

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