HASTE II GUIDE – Instamining! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 61

Today it’s all about slime farm prep. Between episodes I realized that it would be a good idea to have a haste II beacon for all of the mining we are going to have to do. a Haste II beacon when paired with a diamon efficiency V pickaxe will allow instamining of stone. That sounds nice to me! This episode is all about how to get the required ore block amounts for a Haste II beacon.

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38 Replies to “HASTE II GUIDE – Instamining! | The Minecraft Guide – Minecraft 1.14.4 Lets Play Episode 61”

  1. I farm all gold block to make beam for faster mining wood and cobblestone.. after all work i realize that haste 2 doesn't work on wood and cobblestone

  2. i’m watching the minecraft guide only now because like wednesday i got an episode in my recommended. just wanna say that i love this episode, it’s soo relaxing 😍😍

  3. Logic: I don't want to spend a lot time mining out the chunks, so I go and spend a lot of time mining gold instead of using the gold farm.

  4. "Step one: Get a Nether Star, fight the Wither. Once you've done that, you'll find missing doors in your world"

    The Wither's playing pranks from beyond the grave

  5. guys i made a beacon at full power and put haste 2 in beacon secondary power but then i cant get haste 2 it says just haste
    help me pls

  6. I got enough emeralds for 2 beacons In survival, I walled off a double village then made hundreds of villagers then turned all of them into either cartographers or librarians then built an automatic sugarcane farm ( bedrock version windows 10) works awesome!! Then traded paper like crazy. Boom! 2 beacons

  7. Hay! Thank you very much you helped me out a lot I did the same thing you did. I had to go to the mason Biome and I DID IT. Thank you 🙏🏼

  8. For you Bedrock players, build a raid farm. Super effective, gives you plenty of emeralds and on top of that you get all kinds of great loot

  9. I have a full pyramid beacon, selected haste 2 on the left but I can’t select it on the right and it only says I have regular haste with no regeneration, any help?

  10. 0:16
    Does anyone know what that image is in the top left? It's only there for a split second so it's hard to tell…

    Edit: nvm I looked it up "the big day" is actually a song album and that image is a hand (which is their logo).

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