Hong Kong to establish a ‘platform for dialogue’ – News Review

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s leader, has said it will establish a ‘platform for dialogue’ to hear what Hong Kong protest demonstrators have to say. Learn about this story and English words in the news in this free English lesson.

The story
After weeks of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, the territory’s leader, Carrie Lam, has said she wants to listen to what people have to say. Demonstrations against creeping Chinese mainland influence over Hong Kong have escalated since mid-June.

Key words and phrases
deliberately ignores, avoids or rejects something

• Their government shuns any organisation that deals in weapons.
• If you care about the environment, you will shun plastic where possible.

olive branch
action taken as an attempt to end a disagreement

• I held out an olive branch to Rob by buying him a cookie.
• As an olive branch, he bought her a dozen red roses and had them delivered.

things given to reach an agreement

• The company made pay concessions to its staff.
• They made a diplomatic concession as an act of goodwill.

Language challenge

Which of these means ‘happening or developing slowly or gradually’?
a) creeping
b) nagging
c) striking

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  1. Watch a previous report on the Hong Kong protests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53oPXwEA4os&list=PLcetZ6gSk968l1s4WuxwyhiyEUmg5GOZC&index=8

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